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Planning Ahead

The Province of Ontario has developed the OSAP Tools to help students (and their families) plan for their post-secondary studies. This section of the OSAP website includes: Link to OSAP Tools Page on OSAP website

  • OSAP Aid Finder (to help you research which funds you are eligible for)
  • Aid Estimator (provides an estimate of how much OSAP funding you may be eligible to receive)
  • Loan Counsellor (a quiz to help you learn more about OSAP loans and repayment) 

Students are also encouraged to visit the OSAP website for more information about the OSAP process, from your first application to entering repayment. 

The Queen's Student Awards Office has developed the '10 Step Guide to OSAP at Queen's' to help students navigate the OSAP process from the application to the completion of their year. The information in this guide is specific to Queen's University students and includes information such as how to use your OSAP to pay your tuition and fees.

10 Step Guide to OSAP at Queen's (PDF, 370 KB)

Students should visit the CanLearn website, which includes a variety of helpful planning tools, information on repayment of student loans and links to the National Student Loan Service Centre (the agency that administers a student's OSAP funding).