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Students are expected to begin repayment of their government student loans 6 months after they cease to be a full-time student.

Students are in repayment to the National Student Loan Service Centre (1-888-815-4514).  To manage the repayment of your government student loans, the National Student Loan Service Centre strongly recommends creating an online account, which can be done through their website.  Your online account (which is different from your application (i.e., OSAP) will include information on when your loans will enter repayment, the interest rate on your loans, important notices about your repayment, and useful tools that will help you manage your loans (including updating your mailing address).

Information on the repayment process for OSAP students is also available on the OSAP website in the Pay back OSAP section.

Students will also find information in the repayment brochure created by the Student Awards Office.

Repayment of Government Student Loans Brochure (PDF, 186 KB)

National Student Loans Service Centre Repayment  Webinar 

The National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) is offering webinar presentations on the student loan repayment process.  We encourage participation from all students.  The webinars are 45-60 minutes long an can be viewed on a computer, tablet or Android/iPhone.  Registration for these webinars are available in the following sections: