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Student Awards

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Notification and Disbursal


General Bursary: 

General Bursary decisions will be posted on SOLUS-View Financial Aid in late December provided that you have submitted your application by the deadline.  If additional documentation is required (e.g. government student assistance Notice of Assessment for non-Ontario students) you will be contacted by the Student Awards Office via email (to your Queen's email account).  All requested documentation must be received by the Student Awards Office within the timeframe outlined in the email.

Summer Term General Bursary:

Summer Term General Bursary decisions will be posted on SOLUS on or prior to the following dates:

Academic Session



end of May


End of June


end of July


All bursaries are paid to the students’ accounts. If your student account is paid in full, a refund will automatically be issued to you in early February via electronic funds transfer. Please ensure that your banking information is up-to-date on SOLUS.

Students who have a study period longer than 34 weeks (Graduate students, third year Medical students, Advanced Standing Nursing students) will be assessed for the entire length of their study period when they submit their General Bursary application and should not submit a Summer Term General Bursary application (you will already be assessed for bursary assistance for this period).