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Theatre is transformative. It forces us to explore latent aspects of ourselves and challenge the things that surround us. Excetera embodies this spirit and is presented to the Queen’s community with a series of reflective skits to stimulate conversation and foster an inclusive and supportive campus. As a social action theatre production, overseen by the Student Experience Office, it aims to explore relevant topics pertaining to the student experience. It hopes to motivate students to engage in responsible, respectful and inclusive behavior in academic and social settings as well as the greater Kingston community.


Excetera will deliver honest, inclusive, relevant, and perceptive content in a way that is both humorous, respectful of the student community, and in line with Student Experience Office messaging. The script will be generated by students in order to showcase a genuine understanding of the student experience. It intends to interact directly with shared experiences, so that students may question, and challenge complex situations that shape their behavior while raising awareness of strategies to support academic success and promote personal health, wellness and safety. Students will be exposed to the variety of resources and support designed to help them navigate their respective paths.


The Excetera team is comprised of directors, cast, and technical crew who collaborate closely over the course of several months to actualize this vision alongside the Student Experience Office. After the cast is hired in September, each team member will allocate 5-10 hours per week to the development of the show in ongoing workshops and rehearsals. These hours will fluctuate throughout the semester but individuals should be prepared for increased time-commitment during critical production dates and the weeks prior to the show. The team must also manage all technical aspects of the production while adhering to the allocated budget. This includes script development, blocking and choreography, lighting, music, managing deadlines and rehearsals, as well as obtaining the necessary props and equipment. Excetera comes together in a January performance that is open to all members of the community.