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Last Year's University Orientation Events

The 2015 program is currently being created! Get excited for your Orientation week by checking out the events that took place last year:

Queen's Welcomes U (August 31):

Join the rest of the Class of 2018 in a welcoming ceremony from Queen's University! This address is brought to you by Queen's, Athletics & Recreation, and the Alma Mater Society.

Sunday Night Activities (August 31):

After the Queen's Welcomes U event, you are invited to participate in a number of different activities, including:

  1. Floor Hockey & Volleyball @ ARC Upper Gym: Sign up team with your floor to compete, or show up and join a team! Starts at 8:00pm
  2. Pick-Up Field Games @ Nixon Field: Nixon Field will hold relaxed pickup games and recreational/social activities; pick up a frisbee, throw a football around, etc. Starts at 8:00pm
  3. Organized Field Games @ Tindall Field: Tindall Field will host learning the game of Quidditch from Queen’s Quidditch Club. Starts at 9:00pm
  4. Indoor Movie: Class of 2018 chooses a movie to watch together in the ARC Main Gym. Free popcorn and drinks. Starts at 10:00pm

Existere XX (September 1 or 2):

What is it? What does it mean? Find out at this unforgettable event!

Queen's World Record Capture the Flag Game (September 1):

Have you ever wanted to break a world record? Here's your chance! Queen's Class of 2018 will have the opportunity to participate in a world record game of campus the flag, ran on campus on the afternoon of September 1st. Game starts at 1:30pm - go with your Don to the game to get your face painted at 1:00pm, and wear your team's colour!

What colour team are you on?

Red Team: McNeil, Morris, Victoria, Leggett, Watts and the FYNIRs (2200 students)

Blue Team: Adelaide, West, Waldron, Ban Righ, Chown, Leonard, Gordon, JDUC, Brockington, Harkness (2200 students)


ResSoc Carnival & Board Game Night (September 1)

This event is a highlight of University Orientation every year. Enjoy awesome carnival games, pick up some great free prizes from our sponsors, and dance the night away with your fellow first years.This event is brought to you by your Queen's Residence Society

If you want to participate in a more relaxed activity, Minotaur Games and Gifts, a local store in Kingston, will be running a Board game evening in the ARC at the same time as the Carnival.

Canvas on Campus (September 2)

During September 1, you'll receive a small 4" x 6" board in one of the Tricolours (red, blue, or yellow) and asked to write on it your answer to: Why did you choose to come to Queen's? What do you want to get out of your Queen's education? At Agnes Etherington Art Centre, over the course of September 2, all the boards will be assembled into a giant Queen's flag! The flag will be left up until after the Sidewalk Sale, so you'll get a chance to see the final result! This event is sponsored by your Queen's Residence Society, and brought to you by the Queen's Student Experience Office.

Campus Talks on Tour (September 2)

Want to learn more about resources, services, and ways to get involved with student life on campus? This tour is for you! You will have the opportunity to learn more about services and opportunities on campus, while touring the campus with your floor. At each service stop, you will be challenged to take a creative photo using a description and props available at the station - the group(s) that finish the tour with all photos taken will be entered in a draw to win a fantastic floor prize (which will be announced closer to Orientation week!).

Free Time (September 2)

In order to help with the transition into first year, every student has 3-4 hours of Free Time built into their schedule during September 2nd. Each student will be given a list of opportunities to take part in during this free time, including going to the mall to pick up Residence needs, going to the gym or health center or pharmacy, checking out the international center or Alma Mater Society (student government), or just getting some extra sleep!

Welcome Home Night (September 2)

This event, held in the ARC, is full of a variety of awesome activities for you to check out, many of them brought to you by local Kingston businesses:

  1. Casino Games: Try your hand at Poker, Blackjack or Prize Wheels with your fellow first years! Opportunities to win Prizes!
  2. Recreational Games: Floor hockey and volleyball available on the 3rd floor of the ARC, similar to Sunday Night Activities.
  3. Open Mic: Share your love of music with our Open Mic night! Hosted by Queensevents.ca!
  4. Clubs: Check out activities from a variety of clubs on campus! TBA clubs and locations!
  5. Dessert Tour: Local dessert vendors from downtown Kingston will be showcasing their desserts!