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The deadline to apply to be a SOAR staff has been extended! 

Job Opportunities

Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR) Staff - Designed to help smooth the transition of first-year students into the academic environment of the university, the summer orientation program will offer incoming students and their families an on-campus experience with a chance to ask questions in person, make connections with staff, faculty, and upper-year students, and have access to resources and faculty-specific information. SOAR Staff Application - due March 15th, 2015 by 11:59pm.

Volunteer Opportunities

Orientation Volunteers (OV) - The OV program is meant for enthusiastic upper year students who are interested in facilitating the personal, social, and academic transition of first year students during University Orientation Days (the first three days of Orientation Week: September 6-8, 2015) .Applications are closed for this year.

Bader International Study Centre (BISC) Mentorship Program - This program runs throughout the academic year and is designed to assist Bader International Study Centre (BISC) students as they adjust to their second year of undergraduate studies at Queen’s University’s Kingston campus. Applications are closed for this year.

Other Opportunities (Outside of Student Experience Office)

Looking for opportunities outside of the SEO? Check out the Co-Curricular Opportunities Directory, a massive repository of volunteer and work opportunities available at Queen's!