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Trivia Tuesdays & Thoughtful Thursdays

Have you been reading Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures lately? Would you like a chance to win some awesome prizes from local Kingston businesses? Then be sure to enter our weekly contests!  For Trivia Tuesdays, email us your response to or send us a private Facebook message.  For Thoughtful Thursdays, feel free to email us, send us a message, or comment on the Facebook post.  Good luck!

Contest Number Date Contest Opens Date Contest Closes Question Prize
1 Tuesday, July 8 Sunday, July 13
Name three of Karl's study tips.
Cineplex Movie Pass
2 Thursday, July 10 Sunday, July 13 In "How to get into medical school Part 1", Ming & Fitz talk about the "right reasons" to become physicians: service, humanity, and giving. What other motivations do you think each of them had that weren't mentioned at the time? $10 Sp!n Dessert Cafe Gift Card
3 Tuesday, July 15 Sunday, July 20 Who conducted Fitzgerald's medical school interview? Cineplex Movie Pass
4 Thursday, July 18 Sunday, July 20 Besides studying techniques, what other skills, behaviours, and coping mechanisms do you think Fitzgerald develops in the stories "How to Get into Medical School" Parts I + II?  $25 Novel Idea Gift Card
5 Tuesday, July 22 Sunday, July 27 What is the name of the school that Chen's grandfather was the headmaster of? Cineplex Movie Pass
6 Thursday, July 24 Sunday, July 27 What do think is significant about Vincent Lam’s use of animal imagery in the story "Winston"? Is there any connection between each of the different animals or does each animal speak to some unique aspect of the characters' struggles? $20 Wayfarer Books Gift Card
7 Tuesday, July 29 Sunday, August 3 What is the badge number of the female police officer in "Eli"? Cineplex Movie Pass
8 Thursday, July 31 Sunday, August 3 Think about how Zoltan and other public service professionals might have trouble leaving work issues at the workplace. What personal psychological effects may come into play if one decides to be a public service worker, such as a doctor?   $20 Campus Bookstore Gift Card
9 Tuesday, August 5 Sunday, August 10 At what time does Janice have an emergency C-Section?  Cineplex Movie Pass
10 Thursday, August 7 Sunday, August 10 Why do you think Vincent Lam chose to write Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures as a series of short stories rather than a novel? 2 Haunted Walk Tickets
11 Tuesday, August 12 Sunday, August 17 How do Fitz & Chen communicate while in the SARS unit? Cineplex Movie Pass
12 Thursday, August 14 Sunday, August 17 Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures does not contain anything about the ancient medical ritual of bloodletting, nor are there many miraculous cures. Why do you think Vincent Lam chose this title? Sightseeing Cruise and Trolley Tour for Two

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