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Trivia Tuesdays & Thoughtful Thursdays

Have you been reading Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures lately? Would you like a chance to win some awesome prizes from local Kingston businesses? Then be sure to enter our weekly contests!  For Trivia Tuesdays, email us your response to or send us a private Facebook message.  For Thoughtful Thursdays, feel free to email us, send us a message, or comment on the Facebook post.  Good luck!

Contest Number Date Contest Opens Date Contest Closes Question Prize
1 Tuesday, July 8 Sunday, July 13
Name three of Karl's study tips.
Cineplex Movie Pass
2 Thursday, July 10 Sunday, July 13 In "How to get into medical school Part 1", Ming & Fitz talk about the "right reasons" to become physicians: service, humanity, and giving. What other motivations do you think each of them had that weren't mentioned at the time? $10 Sp!n Dessert Cafe Gift Card
3 Tuesday, July 15 Sunday, July 20 Who conducted Fitzgerald's medical school interview? Cineplex Movie Pass
4 Thursday, July 18 Sunday, July 20 Besides studying techniques, what other skills, behaviours, and coping mechanisms do you think Fitzgerald develops in the stories "How to Get into Medical School" Parts I + II?  $25 Novel Idea Gift Card
5 Tuesday, July 22 Sunday, July 27 What is the name of the school that Chen's grandfather was the headmaster of? Cineplex Movie Pass
6 Thursday, July 24 Sunday, July 27    
7 Tuesday, July 29 Sunday, August 3    
8 Thursday, July 31 Sunday, August 3    
9 Tuesday, August 5 Sunday, August 10    
10 Thursday, August 7 Sunday, August 10    
11 Tuesday, August 12 Sunday, August 17    
12 Thursday, August 14 Sunday, August 17    

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