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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by students who are entering their first year at Queen's. This list of questions comes from those received during SOAR, our Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources program in July. Here, students and parents had the opportunity to interact with current Queen's staff and students, and ask many questions. Read the answers to some of the most common questions, including topics such as:

  • Your residence room
  • On-campus healthcare
  • Buying textbooks
  • The work-study program 
  • Buses to Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto
  • Your Kingston bus pass
  • Your gym membership
  • Academic advising
  • Getting from Main to West campus
What appliances, etc., can we have in our residence room?
Read our list of what to bring and what not to bring to residence.
When do students find out which residence they've been placed in, and with whom will they will be rooming?
Most room assignments are available in mid to late August, however in some circumstances rooms may still be assigned up until the time of moving day.
If you make a request for a specific roommate, how does it factor into the lottery system?
In order for a roommate request to happen (in either a double, triple or quad room request), all students involved need to choose double/triple/quad as their first choice and need to list all of the other roommates involved, as well as their roommates' student ID numbers. In most cases, if this is done correctly, the roommate match will happen. It is still not a guarantee, so in the event that the roommate match does not occur, the student's name would go in the regular lottery system and their room allocation would then depend on their lottery number and their subsequent room choices.
To access healthcare on campus, what do I need?
Always bring your student card with you to Health Services in the LaSalle Building. If you’re a domestic student, please also bring your provincial health card. International students should bring their proof of insurance through the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), a mandatory primary health plan for those without valid Canadian provincial or territorial health insurance, that is administered by the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC).
Can I opt-out of the mandatory supplemental health care plan if I already have coverage?
The Alma Mater Society (AMS), your student government, has a mandatory health fee, but you may be able to opt-out of the health and dental care coverage in September. Please visit the AMS Health and Dental Plan webpage for more information.
When can I buy my textbooks?
Most students purchase their books when they arrive at Queen’s in the fall, prior to the first week of classes or within that week. You can purchase your books at the Queen’s Campus Bookstore or Tricolour Outlet (which offers consigned textbooks).
If I've been notified about entitlement to a work study program, how do I know where I can work?
You can check My Career for current job postings. Please check often, as many new postings are put up as the end of August approaches. For questions regarding work study programs, please contact Student Awards. For questions regarding jobs or job postings, you can contact Career Services and the staff will be able to assist you.
I've heard that there's a Queen's bus that travels between Toronto and Kingston. Can you provide more detail on that?
The Queen’s Tricolour Express is a student-run bus service that operates on a weekly schedule to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.
Do students receive a Kingston transit pass or, is that an additional cost?
Kingston Public Transit is included in your student fees. Your student card is your bus pass.
Do I have a gym membership?
Yes, students have access to the Athletics & Recreation Centre (ARC). However, classes offered within the ARC have an additional cost.
How can students stay safe on campus?
The Queen’s campus has a number of safety services and features, including:
  • Blue lights” along walkways and in parking areas – pushing a button gives you immediate contact with Campus Security dispatchers
  • Walkhome service (on campus, and off campus within a certain radius)
  • Student constables at events
  • Queen’s First Aid at events
  • Campus Security staff – foot, bicycle and vehicle patrols; their response time to emergency calls is less than 10 minutes and usually much less!

Students have a responsibility for their own safety, too! Walking with a friend at night, locking your residence room door, and refusing to allow others to follow you into residence buildings are all good habits to form. For more information, please visit the Campus Security’s webpage.

Where can I find my academic advisor?
You can find information regarding your specific faculty advisors:
Can you talk a little about "West Campus" and transportation between it and main campus?
Jean Royce Hall Residence includes 12 mixed-gender houses that accommodate about 600 students in total. Jean Royce is just a 20-minute walk from main campus, and bus service is available. Many students also choose to bike. It has its own dining hall, and some classes are held there throughout the year. Many JRH students enjoy the exercise they receive walking to and from main campus or other parts of the Kingston community, and many students in this residence note that JRH becomes a close-knit community of its own. Take a virtual tour of West Campus Residence and Dining Hall.