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Student Wellness Services

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What is the U-Flourish Research Project?

          The U-Flourish Project is a longitudinal study that will be examining the well-being  and academic success of students over their first year at Queen’s. The project involves a survey launching September 17th-30th and winter term follow-up survey to be released in March. The survey link will automatically be sent to you through your student email. The findings of the survey will help us to develop services and initiatives that will ensure a successful transition to university life. This survey is being done in collaboration with the University of Oxford so that we can compare between universities and countries. 

We are looking to understand why some first-year students flourish while others do not - this is an important question that can inform resources on campus.

          The ultimate goal of U-Flourish is to build a network of student-focused research that will continue to inform the development of effective and meaningful campus programs and resources.

Your Success. Your Well-Being. Your First Year. Have Your Say...


How can I get involved?
The baseline survey will be made accessible to all first year students from September 17-30th via their Queen's student email. A link will be provided to the online survey, that will  take approximately 10 minutes to complete. $5 flex dollars will be offered to students who complete the baseline survey. A link to a 5-10 minute follow up survey will be made available from March 18-April 1st for students who completed the baseline survey via their Queen's student email. Students completing both surveys will be offered to opportunity to enter a draw  to win 1 of 10 iPads.  We need to hear from you - it is Your First  Year, Your Well-Being and Your Academic Success- let us know what You Need.
Why should I participate?
You should participate in U-Flourish because it will be the first study of its kind to examine fully what determines whether a student will be successful at university. The purpose of this study is to gather information that can be used across the Queen’s departments in order to implement positive changes to the overall student experience. On top of all that, upon completion of the first survey in September, you will receive 5$ FLEX added directly to your student card. Upon completion of the follow up survey in March, you will be entered in a draw to WIN 1 of 10 IPADS.
Survey Findings
To be posted once available, after the follow up survey which will take place March 18th - April 1st, 2019.
The U-Flourish study is funded by a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Grant #157053 and has matching funding from the Rossy Family Foundation.  We thank the following campus and community partners for providing FLEX credit and food incentives for the student engagement campaign: Student Life and Domino's Pizza, respectively.  We also thank all Queen's University Professors, Departments, Faculties and Athletics and Recreation for supporting the U-Flourish student engagement campaign. As well we thank Jack.Org for their help and collaboration on the student engagement campaign.
Contact Us
For more information about the U-Flourish Student Well-being Research, please feel free to contact the U-Flourish team at