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Planning Canadian Communities wins CIP National Award

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) announced that the sixth edition of Planning Canadian Communities won the 2014 Award for Planning Excellence for a Planning Publication. The book was written by School of Urban and Regional Planning faculty Gerald Hodge and David Gordon and published by Nelson Canada.

Planning Canadian Communities provides a comprehensive introduction to the needs, origins, contemporary practices, and future challenges involved in planning Canadian communities. This book is the most widely used planning text in Canada since 1986. It tells how community planning started in Canada, how it works today, who participates and what are current best practices.

Planning Canadian Communities is used in most English-language CIP-accredited planning programs and is a core text for professional practice courses in planning and civil engineering. Perhaps its most important contribution has been as an introduction to the field to a generation of Canadian planners. A 2007 survey of CIP members found Planning Canadian Communities to be the most frequently cited Canadian book and a 2014 review in Plan Canada lauded the sixth edition as “a classic in the literature dealing with Canadian community planning practice.”

The CIP’s national awards are the highest honours from the Canadian planning profession. The authors will receive the award on July 10th at the CIP’s national conference in Fredericton NB. More information on the book can be found at its website or in its CIP Award nomination.




Dr. Gerald Hodge is Professor Emeritus in the Queen’s School of Urban and Regional Planning. He was Director of the School from 1973-86 and has also taught at Toronto, Calgary, Hawaii and UBC. His many other books include The Geography of Aging; Planning Canadian Regions (with I.M. Robinson) and Towns and Villages in Canada (with M.A. Qadeer). Hodge received the CIP President’s Award in 2008.


Dr. David Gordon is Professor and Director of the Queen’s School of Urban and Regional Planning. He has also taught at Toronto, Ryerson, Harvard and Pennsylvania, where he was a Fulbright Scholar. His other books include Planning Twentieth-Century Capital Cities and Battery Park City. Gordon is a Fellow of the CIP and has now shared its national award three times.

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