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Student Handbook

PDF version of the Handbook (319 KB)

The purpose of this Handbook is to make students aware of the workings of the School of Urban and Regional Planning.  It is comprised of a number of distinct sections, each reflecting an area of activity in the School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) at Queen's University.

The Handbook consists of material that has traditionally been included in memoranda and handouts, which have been given out by the Director, staff and faculty of the School.  It was thought that compiling this information in one place would facilitate its use as a coherent statement of the workings of the School.  As such, the Handbook, in conjunction with the Graduate Calendar, defines your rights and obligations regarding School governance, use of facilities, financial assistance, etc. This handbook complements the Calendar of the School of Graduate Studies which describes university regulations. You should acquaint yourself with the procedures and regulations concerning registration, course grades, appeals, thesis/report examinations, and so on, as they appear in the Graduate School's Calendar.

The importance of consulting the Handbook periodically during your stay in the School cannot be over-emphasized.  It contains information relevant to every stage of obtaining a planning education at Queen's - from being involved in the governance of the School to participating in resource conservation efforts at SURP.  Each of the following sections addresses a particular issue in this regard.  You are encouraged to use this Handbook often and give the School your comments as to omissions and other potential shortcomings you may find in its content.  Thanks for your help in keeping the Handbook useful and up-to-date!