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Angela Balesdent

Angela Balesdent
Administrative Assistant (full-time)

Contact Information

Office: Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 533
Telephone: (613) 533-6000 x 77056
Email: angela.balesdent@queensu.ca

Angie's key responsibilities include overall operations of the School such as administrative support to the Director, staff administration, account management and budget preparation, departmental administration (secretary to all School committees, timetable, exam schedule, classroom and other space considerations, liaising with other units in the University), special events management and advertising/promotional activities. She also coordinates alumni/ae relations and facilitates the work of the China Projects Office. Angie earned a B.A. (Hons.) Geography at Queen's University in 1983 and joined the staff at Queen's in 1986. She has held various administrative positions at the University and worked in the Department of Biochemistry, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the School of Environmental Studies and the Student Awards Office before joining the School of Urban and Regional Planning in 2000.



Jo-Anne Tinlin
Departmental Coordinator (full-time)

Contact Information

Office: Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 539
Telephone: (613) 533-6000 x 77057
Email: tinlinj@queensu.ca

Jo-Anne's main responsibilities are to coordinate and administer the admissions process and student records and to provide logistical support to student recruitment activities and to the School's Internship Program. She coordinates the day-to-day operations of the main office, provides administrative, logistical and secretarial support to faculty and students, supervises casual office staff, maintains databases and spreadsheets for admissions, current students and alumni/ae, and helps maintain and improve the School's web site for student recruitment and promotion of the planning profession. Jo-Anne came to Queen's in 1984 and worked in Personnel and in the Department of Geography before joining the School of Urban and Regional Planning in 1989.



Li Xu
China Projects Coordinator (part-time)

Contact Information

Office: Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 529
Telephone: (613) 533-2007
Email: chinapjt@queensu.ca or xul@queensu.ca

Li is act as an administrative logistical assistant for our China projects. These duties include translating presentations, organizing travel arrangements, and providing assistance to visiting delegations, scholars, and interns once they arrive at Queen's. She also provide assistance to the Associate Vice-Principal's office with their endeavors in their international projects office, as well as the School of Policy Studies Interchange with Fudan University in Shanghai, China. As a part of the SURP team working as the China Projects Coordinator, and with her multicultural background she is able to facilitate our professional relationships with China. She looks forward to further strengthening ties with China as many new exciting projects are to come.


Janet Devonshire

Jan Devonshire
Administration & Event Coordinator (part-time)
National Executive Forum on Public Property

Contact Information

Office: Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 539
Telephone: (613) 533-6515 or (613) 533-6000 x 75578
Email: forum@queensu.ca or jan.devonshire@queensu.ca

Jan is the Administrator and Event Coordinator for the National Executive Forum on Public Property. The Forum brings together member organizations from all levels of government across Canada to create a public sector council where real property knowledge and best practices are exchanged, policy and governance issues debated and analyzed, and better understanding of common challenges and opportunities encouraged. Senior officials of federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, agencies, utilities and crown corporations use the Forum and the information emanating from its annual symposium and fall working session, as a key component in their own organization’s strategic planning process and the tactical programs supporting this strategy.

Her responsibilities include the daily administration of the Forum and the organization and delivery of the two main events that engage the Forum members. Working with the Executive Director of the Forum she ensures the assembly and dissemination of information of interest to the Forum members. She looks forward to providing a meaningful service and environment that engages the Members and enables the exchange of best practices In Real property on a cross Canada basis



National Executive Forum on Public Property

Contact Information

Office: Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 502
Telephone: (613) 533-6515 or (613) 533-6000 x 75579
Email: forum@queensu.ca