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The Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable Q25

The Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable (Q25) is a national, not-for-profit industry organization that brings together senior executives from companies across a broad spectrum within the Canadian commercial real estate sector. It focuses on high quality, value added executive development, applied research, and senior level networking. It is unique in Canada, and is modeled after industry organizations run by leading U.S. university real estate programs. It has been carefully designed to complement, rather than compete with other commercial real estate industry organizations, by minimizing overlap in purposes and functions. In fact, the Q25 has forged partnerships with many of these groups.

Membership is by invitation only, and restricted to 25 leading companies, with additional limits on the number of each category of firm. The Q25 builds on the success and reputation of Queen’s University’s Executive Seminars on Corporate and Investment Real Estate (www.queensu.ca/escire), founded in 2004. It also capitalizes on the strengths of Queen’s as a well-respected research institution and leverages the university’s international business networks, its partnerships with other organizations, and its ancillary benefits. The Q25 strives to maintain its central tenets of collegiality, intelligence, credibility and exclusivity; and to ensure that its activities are member-driven and contribute a significant strategic advantage to its member companies. It is a value-oriented forum, engaging in thought leadership activities which its member companies feel add value to their business operations. It is run by its members, for its members. The research program is directed by Q25 members, with some research products remaining proprietary for the use of all members and others being distributed throughout the industry. The focus is on producing research findings on key emerging issues that members may immediately apply to their core business operations.

For more information about the Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable (Q25), please see www.queensu.ca/q25 or contact Director Dr. John Andrew at john.andrew@queensu.ca or 613-533-2958