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City of Montreal: Planning Challenges and Issues

Montréal is Canada’s second-largest metropolitan region (2011 population 3.8 million).  It is an important hub for the aerospace, finance, biomedical, high-tech and cultural industries. Montréal is a multicultural francophone city, and host to many international agencies.

photo of Montreal

Photo Left: Montreal chief planner Sylvian Ducas guiding SURP students through the newly created arts and entertainment district, Quartier des Spectacles.


SURP ‘s Montréal field trips often include visits to Benny Farm (housing project revitalization) and  walking  tours of Downtown, Quartier des Spectacles and Quartier International. We study landscape design in Frederick Law Olmsted’s Parc Mont Royal and heritage preservation in Vieux Montréal.

PHoto of Benny Farm in MOntreal




Photo right: First year SURP students discussing the sustainable re-development of the Benny Farm housing project with Canada Land Corporation project manager Basil Cavis.

At the suburban scale, we compare Frederick Todd’s Town of Mount Royal to St. Laurent’s Bois Franc, an airport redevelopment with new urbanist design features.

And SURP students always seem to be able to find time to explore Montreal’s vibrant nightlife during their visits.

Professors Skaburskis, Gordon and Viswanathan have lived in Montréal and conducted research in the region.