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A Brief History of Planning at Queen’s

Community planning has been taught at Queen’s University for almost 80 years. Here are some highlights:

1930s – Community planning lecture series in the Dept. of Political Economy by Horace Seymour, a founder and past-president of the Town Planning Institute of Canada (TPIC).

1940s – Prof. C.A. Curtis’s Housing and Community Planning report for the federal government sets post-war national agenda for expansion of planning.

1950s - Civil Engineering Department offers undergraduate planning courses by Dr. Stanley Lash. The Institute of Local Government offers summer courses for municipal officials, led by Dr. Stewart Fyfe.

1960s – Planning course offerings expand in Civil Engineering at undergraduate and graduate levels

1970 – School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) established; 2 year MPL program begins. Stanley Lash is the first director; Professor Robert Mackenzie jointly appointed to SURP and Law faculty.

1971Mohammad Qadeer FCIP, Godfrey Spragge MCIP and Eric Thrift FCIP join the School’s faculty. Thrift had previously been Winnipeg Metropolitan Planning Director, National Capital Commission General Manager and TPIC president.

1972 – Larry Miller is the first MPL graduate. He has a distinguished career in transportation planning.

1973Gerald Hodge appointed Director. School curriculum changes to the social sciences, regional and metropolitan planning.

1974 – SURP moves from Civil Engineering’s Ellis Hall to Mackintosh-Corry Hall, the new social-sciences complex.

1975-80 – SURP is the home of Plan Canada, the journal of the Canadian Institute of Planners, edited by Hodge, Qadeer and Spragge.

1979Hok-Lin Leung FCIP  joins the faculty; physical planning quickly returns to the core curriculum.

1984  - Pamela Sweet FCIP becomes first SURP alumni (and second woman) elected CIP President.

1984Andrejs Skaburskis  joins the SURP faculty, teaching economics, housing and policy analysis.

1985 - Dr. Mohammad Qadeer appointed Director. SURP adopts a national outlook on urban planning with a strong policy orientation and new concentrations in environmental services, social and land-use planning.

1986 – First edition of Hodge’s Planning Canadian Communities; later cited as the most influential Canadian book by CIP members.

1987  - Sue Hendler appointed to the SURP faculty, developing courses in ethics, gender and environmental issues.

1989 – First edition of Leung’s Land Use Planning Made Plain published, later cited as the second most influential Canadian book by CIP members and translated into Chinese.

1989 – SURP moves into Robert Sutherland Hall with the School of Policy Studies.

1994David Gordon  joins the faculty after 15 years of practice, bringing skills in community design and urban development.

1995  - SURP internship program started to help students obtain paid professional summer experience

1996  - Hok-Lin Leung appointed Director. He expands the School’s outreach with the Land Forum, China Projects Office  and Ambassadors’ Forum

2000John Meligrana  and John Andrew  appointed to the SURP faculty, teaching environmental planning and real estate.

2000 – Jackie Bell retires after over 20 years’ service on the School staff

2001 – Mohammad Qadeer inducted into the CIP’s College of Fellows

2006  - Hok-Lin Leung inducted into the CIP’s College of Fellows

2007Graham Whitelaw appointed as Queen’s National Scholar at School of Environmental Studies and SURP, strengthening environmental and aboriginal planning.

2008  - Gerald Hodge receives the CIP President’s Award for outstanding contribution to the planning profession.

2009 –David Gordon MCIP becomes first SURP graduate to be appointed Director of the School. Renewal of SURP faculty and MPL curriculum continues.

2009  - Ajay Agarwal   and Leela Viswanathan   join the SURP faculty, bringing transportation, design and social planning  expertise.

2011Patricia Collins  appointed to the SURP faculty, expanding the School’s expertise in healthy communities.

2012Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable  established.