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Queen's University

Internal Partners

At Queen's University, the sustainability of our campus is integral to the institution's operations and is supported by many departments through their activities and services.

While it is the Queen's Sustainability Office's (QSO) responsibility to guide the campus towards a culture of sustainability, individual department roles and services will ultimately provide the foundation for achieving this goal.

Many departments have traditionally incorporated sustainability into many of their every day functions as simply a good way of doing business, whether it is safely removing hazardous materials, providing local food alternatives or constructing energy efficient buildings.

Along with the QSO, these departments will continue to foster sustainability through best practices and delivery of services.

       Vice-Principal Operations and Finance

The Office of the Vice-Principal (Operations and Finance) oversees a broad range of non-academic services that support the University's mission through the creation and maintenance of a positive and vibrant environment for education and research.

As the caretaker of the infrastructure needed to support our students, the Office has an important role in maintaining a key sustainable resource; educated youth who will bear with them the lessons learned during their time at Queen's.

Additionally, as the central reporting hub for many of the service departments on campus, the Office is responsible for both direct and indirect funding for much of the sustainability initiatives and programming on campus.

The portfolio includes the departments of:

  • Campus Planning and Development
  • Campus Security
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Financial Analysis and Budget
  • Financial Systems and Operations
  • Information Technology Services (ITServices)
  • Investment and Treasury
  • Pensions and Insurance
  • Physical Plant Services (PPS)
  • Printing Services
  • Purchasing and Payables
  • Risk Management and Audit Services

VP Ops and Finance

Physical Plant Services

The mission of Physical Plant Services is to construct, operate and maintain the buildings, grounds and infrastructure of Queen's University to the highest possible standards so as to create and sustain a positive environment for education and research.

PPS is responsible for the building infrastructure on campus in a variety of ways. The services provided include, custodial, engineering, grounds, maintenance, parking, utilities, waste management and project management ranging in scope from small renovations to full capital build projects. In the delivery of these services, PPS seeks to balance best practices, available resources and campus and customer requirements, often resulting in the sustainable maintenance of the University's infrastructure. Highlights include and environmentally responsible cleaning program, chemical-free grounds maintenance, diversion options for campus waste and building standards that reflect energy efficiency and minimized environmental impact.

Physical Plant Services

Environmental Health and Safety

The EH&S mission is to enhance teaching and research at the University by fostering a healthy and safe work and study environment.

Services provided by EH&S contribute to making our campus more sustainable by providing policy and procedures that help keep both the campus community and immediate environment safe from a number of potential hazards including biological, chemical, fire and radioactive. Additionally, EH&S provides safety bulletins on issues that go beyond the workplace, offer training to educate the community in the avoidance of a number of hazards and play an integral role in safely handling and diverting campus hazardous materials from landfill.

Environmental Health
and Safety

Campus Planning and Development

Campus Planning and Development offers planning and design services to all sectors of the University.

The department's professional competencies include:

  • campus planning
  • space planning
  • facilities planning and design
  • financial feasibility analysis
  • project management, and
  • landscape architecture

In addition to these services, Campus Planning and Development plays a key role in supporting sustainability by ensuring that campus space is accessible to everyone, that furnishings and finishing materials are properly specified to have low environmental impacts in terms of air quality and material components, and by providing long term planning so that campus development occurs with sensitivity to social and environmental needs.

Campus Planning
and Development

 Strategic Procurement

Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) oversees the acquisition of products and services on behalf of the university, using efficiency, effectiveness, quality, risk management and accountability at the criteria for sound purchasing decisions.

Environmental principles are also considered at all times in the department and sustainability criteria are being incorporated into the new Queen's Procurement Policy.

Strategic Procurement Services

       Queen's University Residences

With approximately 4000 beds, Queen's Residences provide housing services for both undergrad and graduate students, and offers a diverse range of living environments to meet a variety of student lifestyles.

Beyond just a 'place to sleep,' Residences also focuses on life learning opportunities through a number of activities like the annual Residence Energy Challenge, which encourages students to incorporate conservation into every day activities. Additionally, there are theme living floors like the "Green Community" which provides students who are concerned about environmental issues and interested in sustainability opportunities to be involved with a community project and work to educate other students about low-impact living.

Queen's University Residences

       Hospitality Services

From traditional favourites to exotic global cuisines, the most difficult part of dining at Queen's is choosing what to have. In our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, you can mix and match the items you love to create your own unique meals.

Queen's Hospitality Services is committed to balancing sustainability with a high level of customer service and fiscal accountability in all policies and procedures. Some of the sustainable features include:

  • Fully compostable paper plates in retail locations made from bamboo and sugar cane
  • Local produce is purchased in all operations when seasonally available
  • Non-Bottled water is available in all locations.

Hospitality Services

       Queen's University Library

Queen's University Library is the top-ranked university library in its category for number of holdings per student, and the Library's collections compare favourably with the very top Canadian research libraries.

As well as providing a wealth of materials for sustainability study and research, Queen's University Library has been making an effort to reduce the impact of library services on the natural environment while maintaining welcoming and comfortable environments in our campus libraries.

Queen's University Library

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000