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Car Sharing

VRTUCAR poster for car sharing program

A car sharing program offered by VRTUCAR is available to the Queen's community.

Car sharing provides flexible access to a car without the burden of ownership. Participants get convenient access to a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles and pay only when the vehicle is used.  Car sharing allows people to avoid vehicle purchase and financing, licensing, routine maintenance, repairs, insurance and fuel costs.

Additionally members help reduce harmful emissions into the environment by over 50% per member on average by car-sharing. Every shared car replaces 6-8 private cars on our roads. 

For the community, car-sharing means cars will take up less space on streets, fostering more pedestrian-friendly and child-friendly areas in which to live. Car-sharing also provides access to a safe, reliable car for those in our community who may not be able to afford the cost of car ownership.

Consider car sharing today and make use of the conveniently located vehicle at Queen's Tindall parking lot.