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Queen's University

FIT Program

The FIT Program was enabled by the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 which was passed into law on May 14, 2009, and is intended to reduce reliance on coal-fired electricity generation, boost economic activity and create new green industries and jobs.  The Ontario Power Authority is responsible for implementing the program.

The program provides a way to contract for renewable energy generation.  It includes standardized program rules, prices and contracts for anyone interested in developing a qualifying renewable energy project.  Prices are designed to cover the project costs and allow for a reasonable return on investment over the contract term.

Qualifying renewable fuel sources include biogas, renewable biomass, landfill gas, solar PV, waterpower, onshore and offshore wind.

Solar PV Size Contract Price ($/kWh)
Rooftop Less than 10kW 0.802
Rooftop 10 to 250 kW 0.713
Rooftop 250 to 500 kW 0.635
Rooftop Greater than 500 kW 0.539
Ground Mounted Less than 10 kW 0.642
Ground Mounted 10 kW to 10 MW 0.443

*Prices subject to change based on 2011 program review

Solar PV panels work by collecting electromagnetic radiation from the sun and converting it into electrical energy.  This energy is then converted from a DC current to an AC current, and is then transferred to an electrical grid.  For more information on this process, see the ILC website

A typical panel is roughly 5’ long by 3’ wide.  Rated power levels differ a bit from panel to panel, but usually range between 200 and 300 watts.  The panels proposed Queen’s projects will be 275W panels.

The power rating is a unit applied to the panels that speaks to their energy production capacity.  A 275W panel is capable of producing about 330 kWh’s annually and 330 kWh’s is enough to power a single 100W light bulb for 3,300 hours.

For more information, go to the OPA FIT program website.

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