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Queen's University

Greening your Office


  • Purchase "Green" paper products that are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled such as Cascades Enviro Copy Paper or Domtar Earth Choice both brands offered by Lyreco.
  • Trashbook Bins - the Printing & Copy Centre in the JDUC accepts donations of used paper printed with non confidential content on one side for production of notebooks to be sold at cost on demand or by special order for large quantities.
  • Create a scrap paper tray in your office for paper to be collected and reused for rough notes or draft copies.
  • Make a notepad out of scrap paper.
  • Edit, edit again, and one last time for good measure...
  • Print one-sided on used paper when possible.
  • Print final versions double-sided. If you happen to catch an error make sure the version gets disposed of in the recycling bin.
  • Email, post or circulate memos instead of producing copies for everyone.


  • Make yourself a waste free lunch. Avoid throwaway bags, plastic wrap, foil, single use cartons or cans and plastic utensils; use the cutlery and dishes available in the kitchen!
  • Recycle garbage responsibly by following the Queen's Guide to Recycling.
  • Use a travel mug instead of standard cups offered by retailer. As an added bonus, all coffee shops on campus offer a reusable-mug discount.
  • Use a refillable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.


  • Handouts are often looked at only during a meeting. To reduce paper waste, send out a digital version of a handout or post agenda and meeting materials on the Web instead.
  • Use a data projector to display meeting materials instead of printing individual copies.


  • Buy recycled toner cartridges - they help the environment and are usually cheaper.
  • Save toner by turning down the contrast when possible.
  • Reuse file folders and binders.
  • Create a centralized electronic filing system that allows office users to share information.

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