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Queen's University

Students make a statement with eco art display

Thursday March 04, 2010

A collection of used take-out containers and other non-recyclable trash became food for thought in an art display promoting waste reduction, which is currently hanging in the Bioscience Complex. The display, made from trash found on campus, was the result of a collaboration between the Main Campus Residence Council (MCRC), the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) and Masters of Environmental Studies (MES) students.

"We wanted to come up with a creative and positive way to get people thinking about ways to reduce the amount of waste they create," says SGPS Sustainability Coordinator Ivana Zelenika."

The SGPS amd MES made simple their message of waste-reduction, using easily-recognizable take-out trash gathered on campus to create a banner spelling out R-E-D-U-C-E. Members of the MCRC Green Team added to the display with sculptures built out of non-recyclable waste, such as electronics, plastics and lightbulbs, collected from the residence halls over a two-week time span.

"Every piece was made out of some form of trash we felt can be minimized or done away with," says Ms Zelenika. "The R in the banner was made of Tim Horton's paraphernalia, E from snack wrappers, D from plastic bottles and cans, U from discarded paper, C from styrofoam and E from electronics and general trash."

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