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Queen's University

Residence Energy Challenge

October 24 - November 14, 2010

The annual Residence Energy Challenge will begin on Sunday October 24. Students living in each residence building will band together to conserve the most energy and involve the most residents than the other residence building on campus. The energy consumption of each building will be monitored over a 3-week period and compared with the previous years' consumption during the same weeks of the year. Also included in the calculation is the percentage of residents that pledge online to reduce their energy consumption.

On November 14, the end of the prescribed challenge period, the building that conserved the most energy compared to the prior year and got the highest percentage of residents to get involved will win the competition and will be awarded free admission to the glow-in-the-dark party on November 27.  Individual students will also have an opportunity to receive a reward at the end of the challenge. Any residents who are observed performing individual acts of sustainability will receive a ballot from their dons which to be used in a raffle.

The money saved from lower energy bills in residences is invested into sustainable retrofits within the residence buildings. Last year, the energy conserved during REC was equivalent to the energy needed to power 3 houses in Ontario for a whole year. The REC is about more than reducing energy consumption during the challenge. It is also about combining individual student actions and encouraging voluntary involvement to conserve energy in support of greater cohesive movements to address global issues. The Residence Energy Challenge aims to develop a strong sustainability-oriented culture at Queen's University.

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