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Queen's University

Earth Hour encourages people to"Go Beyond the Hour" 

March 23, 2011

This Saturday March 26, between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM, Queen's will join millions of people, organizations, and institutions around the world celebrating Earth Hour, an international awareness campaign on climate change.

"Earth Hour can be a fun way to enjoy some different activities like the Kingston Unplugged Concert," says sustainability manager Aaron Ball. "However its true value is as a catalyst to encourage every day decisions to reduce environmental impact."

To mark Earth Hour, Queen's will:

  • Turn off all non-essential heating systems.
  • Turn off most non-essential lights. Exceptions include emergency lights, which are hard wired and for safety and security will not be turned off. A few buildings on campus that are open late or allow 24-hour access, including Stauffer Library and Goodes Hall will also stay lit.
  • Monitor power consumption levels before, during and after Earth Hour.

Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to 'Go Beyond the Hour' in their daily activities.  Here are some ways both on campus and at home that you can make a difference every day:

  • Switch off lights when leaving a room.
  • Switch off computers, monitors, printers, scanners, radios and other equipment when they're not in use, and before a meeting, lunch or end-of-day.
  • Enable the energy-saving functions on your computer equipment.
  • Lower the set point of your thermostat.
  • Use low-flow plumbing fixtures.
  • Open curtains to allow for maximum sunlight in the winter and close the curtains to keep out the sunlight in the summer.
  • Take advantage of incentives like the saveONenergy program. 

Queen's Physical Plant Services has integrated routine energy conservation measures into new buildings, systems and ongoing campus maintenance.  Examples of energy efficient practices include lighting retrofits, building control systems, central heating plant efficiencies, heat recovery systems and building envelop upgrades. 

Beyond Earh Hour, Queen's will continue to make energy conservation and climate change action a priority.  The campus community is invited to share this responsibility by participating in Earth Hour and practicing daily conservation. 

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