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Queen's University

Sustainability Office

  • Student Initiatives

Alma Mater Society (AMS) Sustainability Office

  • Spearheaded paperless orientation week by providing all first year students with a USB key pre-loaded with electronic versions of information
  • Implemented the sale of compostable GreenShift cold beverage cups at the Common Ground
  • Working with the Sci '44 Co-Op on installing a composter to divert organic waste from Queen's Pub and the Common Ground

Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) Committee for the Environment

  • Placed environmentally friendly battery boxes at the P&CC, Earth Centre, Coffee Eco, ITS Stauffer and Dupuis, ArtSci Office and Tea Room
  • Organized the Veggie Challenge, which sends out daily emails with fun facts and vegetarian recipes to students who have signed-up for the veggie challenge
  • Presents to Elementary schools to educate students and staff on environmentally friendly living

Canadian Physicians for the Environment

  • Organizes an educational campaign about the environment as it relates to health, particularly focusing on food (be it local, organic, fresh, prepared, etc.)

Commerce and Engineering Environmental Conference

  • Organizes an annual conference open to all students to attend, which includes keynote speakers, case competition, trade and job fair and green globe awards to recognize those who have made notable contributions to the green sector

Earth Centre

  • Sells environmentally responsible products including detergents, soaps, shampoos, feminine hygiene products, t-shirts, facial tissues, paper towels and more
  • Provides a library of environment-related books to lending members at a one-time payment of $10, refundable at the end of the year upon safe return of books
  • Organizes environmental awareness events, including guest speakers, such as Greenpeace forest campaigner, Kim Fry

Environmental Club

  • Makes presentations to elementary schools about the 8 Millennium Development Goal

Environmental Studies Department Student Council

  • Organizes departmental events, including Pizza with Profs, Beer with Profs, Careers Night and a clothing sale

Graduate Students for Environmental Sustainability

  • Have you ever wondered how much energy your microwave uses? how much it costs to keep your computer on 24/7? Now you can find out!
  • Borrow an energy meter from the Circulation desk at Stauffer to measure how much energy your appliances use and how much it’s costing you. Meters are available on 24-hour loan.
  • Funded by Graduate Students for Environmental Sustainability. 


  • Facilitates a group of "greenovators" to go to ten winning houses and retrofit the interiors to reduce energy and water consumption, and consequently, utilities bills
  • Makes "do it yourself" home retrofit kits for sale to students, which include compact-fluorescent light bulbs, weather stripping and water tank insulation

Green Scheme

  • Planted nine trees on Aberdeen and William Streets during Homecoming 2007 and 2008.
  • Planted eight trees in Victoria Park from 2006-2008
  • Work in partnership with the Sydenham Ward Tennant and Ratepayers Association and the City of Kingston to plant street trees along King and Johnson Streets from 2006-2008
  • Assisted the Cataraqui Mall with their waste audit and recycling improvement program
  • Partnering with the SCB for schoolyard naturalizations
  • Run a paper waste reduction campaign on campus
  • Organize green orientation week activities for smaller schools and faculties, like Nursing and the School of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Organizing a tree planting challenge/event for individuals/groups/offices/teams/etc to raise money and plant trees within the community

Living Energy Lab

  • Working with Greenovations to make energy and water conserving retrofits to reduce environmental impacts and save money on utilities bills

Main Campus Residence Council (MCRC): Sustainability Office

  • Auditing internal MCRC operations and making recommendations to executive staff
  • Works with Physical Plant Services, Queen's Sustainability Office and Student Affairs to improve the sustainability of residence buildings and operations
  • Organizes a "Green Team" of volunteers to collect garbage on the grounds surrounding residence buildings each Sunday

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG): Kingston Chapter

  • Supports three community gardens in Kingston, including Oak Street, FRILL and Sunnyside community gardens
  • Operates a joint library with CUSEN of alternative books (not available at Queen's Library) on environmental and social issues and activism
  • Supports Loving Spoonful, a community-based program to facilitate the donation of surplus food from conferences and events to local shelters and food tables
  • Pursuing landlord and municipality negotiations to allow feasible house retrofits and alternative operations like gray water collection systems and backyard chicken coups
  • Encouraging Queen's University administration to implement feasibility studies performed by student classes

Queen's Backing Action on Climate Change

  • Campaigning other campus clubs, groups, faculties and individuals from staff, faculty and students to sign QBACC's position paper

  • Approaching administration to respond to the position paper and begin drafting short and long-term targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Queen's Greens

  • Involves Queen's University students in politics, to encourage open-minded thinking, and to promote the six key values of the Green Party of Canada:

    • ecological wisdom,
    • non-violence,
    • participatory democracy,
    • respect for diversity,
    • social justice and
    • sustainability.

Queen's Oxfam

  • Operates a Fair Trade Co-Op Tuesday-Friday in the JDUC, selling goods such as chocolate, spices and teas
  • Campaigning for Queen's administration to adopt the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) for Queen's clothing, while also working with the administration on a possible Canadian version of the DSP.
  • Hosts educational campaigns about the importance of fair trade, sweat-shop free labour and availability of public services for all

Queen's Project on International Development

  • Summer project placements in Ghana, Guyana and Nunavut, Canada

Residence Energy Challenge

  • Organized volunteer training sessions on encouraging peers to partake in energy reduction activities and habits
  • Organizing a Teach-In for March 2009; hosted guest speaker Jeanne Steffes, who spoke about how students can become social change agents on their campuses

Science '44 Co-Op

  • Implemented several replacement programs within their houses, including changes to:

    • Windows - single-pane to double-pained, argon-filled insulating
    • Toilets - traditional to low-flow
    • Showerheads - traditional to aerating
    • Faucets - 25-50 L/min to 8.3 L/min
    • Boilers - inefficient to high-efficient combination boilers
    • Light-bulbs - incandescent to compact fluorescents and LED
    • Local-Organic food purchasing program offers local and organic produce for the meal plan
    • Degradable garbage bags available for use in every house and the industrial kitchen
    • Purchased Bullfrog Power to reduce their collective ecological footprint

Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) Sustainability Standing Committee

  • The SGPS has formed a Sustainability Committee to take part in extending sustainable practices at the university.
  • Works closely with the AMS and other related student and administrative organizations on and off campus.
  • Encourages and develops initiatives and policies that reduce our ecological footprint while developing healthy and vibrant communities.
  • Recycle with SGPS: Drop off your used batteries, ink cartridges and old cell phones at the SGPS office for recycling.

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