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Title: Annual/Biennial Reports and Faculty180: QUFA and the University administration have reached an agreement about the use of the software tool, Faculty180, for the use of filing biennial and annual reports in 2017

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“The key point is that we can finally enter our data each year and not have to then go through the same exercise but in a different flavour when we have to generate Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) CVs or QUQAP CVs.” - Karen Rudie (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

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“The import function copied across all my CV elements accurately and made the process of getting started with my profile much easier,” she says. “Once I had all my publications and grants entered, I was able to include my colleagues who were collaborators, effectively populating their Faculty 180 profile with the citation.” - Rosemary Wilson (School of Nursing) 

“Accomplishments and activities only need to be entered once into Faculty 180,” says Ms. McInnis, adding that the system integrates with several databases including PubMed and Web of Science. “Once the information is in the repository, faculty members, librarians and archivists can produce and update documents such as their Canadian Common CV and annual reports quicker and easier than currently possible. Furthermore, the system is secure, and users can choose when and with whom they share their information.”

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“The new research, CV, and reporting system should save a lot of work for both the faculty and administration,” says Kayll Lake (Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy), the Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) representative on the CV and annual reporting steering committee. “Researchers associated with Tri-Council support should find very useful tools for dealing with the Canadian Common CV.” 

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“An electronic research management system will assist faculty members and other research personnel with a variety of administrative tasks resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness, while maintaining the highest standard of financial accountability and transparency expected by our funding partners,” says Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research).

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