Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

Memo to Biohazard Permit holders

Training & Support available

We are transitioning to an online Biohazard Permit application process through the Tools for Research at Queen’s (TRAQ) system.  This is designed to be an administrative improvement on the current paper-based system.  There are many types of training support for the system provided by the TRAQ Team and these are described below.

We encourage you to start using these forms right away for renewals and simple amendments.  Full re-applications will also be submitted electronically starting with those due in December. 

Your previously approved biohazard applications have been scanned and uploaded to your biohazard permit file.  You and your personnel can view your biohazard permit file through the Researcher’s Portal

The electronic biohazard event forms listed below are now available for your use: 

  • Biohazard Renewal
  • Biohazard Amendment – to be used for the following purposes for approval by the Biosafety Officer:
    • to add new grant title with no change in biohazardous materials or procedures
    • to add new personnel
    • to add new material similar to that already on permit

After November 1 we will no longer accept paper forms for the events noted above.

Paper-based full application forms and significant amendments requiring Biohazard Committee review, will be accepted for review at the October and November meetings.

For the December Biohazard Committee meeting, the full re-applications (that are required every 4 years) and new biohazard permit applications must be submitted electronically

Significant amendments to biohazardous material or procedures, that will require review by the Biohazard Committee, must also be submitted electronically beginning in December.

All of these forms will be available via a “TRAQ Researcher Portal” through Single Sign-On. TRAQ will support regulatory compliance by integrating all project data in this single dashboard.

Training Support

The Biosafety Officer, Shelagh Mirski, will continue to answer questions about biosafety matters.   For technical matters about the electronic system and the forms, please contact the TRAQ help desk using one of the methods described below.

Many training resources will be available to the research community including manuals, videos, webinars, and in-person sessions.  We invite you to download role based training manuals from our website, watch our instructional videos on YouTube, or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and training courses available.

DEDICATED HELPDESK -We have a dedicated Helpdesk to support the research community at Queen’s. Users can reach us by calling (613) 533-6000 ext. 78426, emailing, using our webform to submit an issue through our Online Support Centre, or in person at University Research Services located on the 2nd floor of Fleming Hall, Jemmett Wing.