Tools for Research Administration at Queen's

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New financial reporting functionality: emailing pinned reports

USEFUL TIPS for FAST financial reporting #1 - Emailing pinned reports

If you have pinned reports you want to share, you can e-mail them to other employees within your institution. The reports are sent as links within the e-mail message. Because the employee you are sending the e-mail to will be prompted to sign in, they must already have access to the FAST application and the menu option for the report. If they do not have access to the FAST application, they will not be able to view the report.

Introducing the Research Accounting event form

March 26, 2014 Queen’s University transitioned from the Data Summary Signature System (DSS), an electronic pre-award tool, to a pre and post awards management module integrated with human ethics and biohazard certifications. Researchers can now access the TRAQ Researcher Portal directly from by selecting MyQueensU/SOLUS from the login drop-down list and scrolling to the bottom right corner of their portal.