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Guiding Philosophy on Equity and Diversity

University Marketing is committed to communicating and promoting messages of anti-racism and equity in the stories we tell about Queen's and the Queen's community – and to telling them in engaging ways – to raise awareness for and to capture the university's interest in issues of equity and diversity.

University Marketing affirms that issues of diversity and equity must be collaborative and be focused on partnership and community building.

University Marketing supports the university's interest that all diverse cultures and identities be reflected and expressed in all aspects of university life, including communications and publications, both in print and online.

University Marketing strives to represent inclusivity and equity, both visually and in Queen's positioning, in all marketing and promotional materials produced for Queen's and will, in all cases, meet the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards as it relates to diversity and equity.

Specific marketing initiatives that relate to promoting anti-racism and equity at Queen's include:

  • Supporting compliance with accessibily-related best-practices for digital communications campus-wide 

  • Responsibility for managing Queen's Events Calendar, which features a faith dates layer (maintained in partnership with Human Rights Office).

  • Responsibility for the Inclusive Community web page.

  • Joint responsibility with ITServices for the WebPublish content management system in support of the development of accessible websites by campus partners.

  • Responsibility for communications in support of committees, projects and initiative that raise awareness of diversity education on campus.

At its foundation, University Marketing is committed to increasing the diversity of its staff to broaden the knowledge base and competencies across the department, while visibly demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity and diversity issues.

University Marketing will participate in diversity training for its staff (and subsequent sessions as needed) to discuss opportunities and problem-solving related to supporting new modes of thinking on diversity and equity issues.

The Department is committed to regular critiques of marketing and communications approaches and products to improve accountability for being inclusive and responsible in its day-to-day work.