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University Research Services
University Research Services

Welcome to University Research Services & Industry Partnerships 


General Inquiries

Telephone: 613-533-6081

Mailing Address:
University Research Services
Fleming Hall-Jemmett Wing, 3rd floor
78 Fifth Field Company Lane, Kingston, Ontario 
Canada , K7L 3N6

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To use phone extensions when calling from outside Queen's, dial 613-533-6000.


University Research Services

 To obtain an institutional signature for a proposal, please contact the Research Projects Advisor for your area of research (Diane, Vera or Kristina). 

Karina McInnis        Executive Director

ext. 33108

Meeting/calendar contact:
Sue Richardson

ext. 77316

Sue Richardson                 Manager, Administration                          ext. 77316
Mallory Walker Office Assistant ext. 74105

Grants and Institutional Programs

Mary Purcell                 

Director, Grants and                  
Institutional Programs                      

ext. 36878
Meeting/calendar contact:
Hollie O'Dette-Hoiles

ext. 32757


Grants and Development Unit

Robin Ashcroft          Research Facilitator
Health Sciences
ext. 74096  
Bonnie Stewart Research Facilitator (Post-Award)
Social Sciences and Humanities;
Natural Sciences and Engineering
ext. 74686
Diane Davies Research Projects Advisor (Pre-Award)
Social Sciences, Humanities and
International Grant Programs
ext. 79422
Vera Kettnaker Research Projects Advisor (Pre-Award)
Natural Sciences and Engineering
Grant Programs
Early Researcher Awards (ERA)
ext. 77314
Kristina Arseneau             Research Projects Advisor (Pre-Award)
Health Sciences
ext. 79707


Institutional Programs

Hollie O'Dette-Hoiles      Departmental Coordinator
(Post-Award) Early Researcher Awards (ERA)
ext. 32757
Rebecca Kinsella Research Projects Advisor
CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation): JELF,
CRC (Canada Research Chair)
ORF SI and LI (Ontario Research Fund, Small
Infrastructure & Large Infrastructure)
ext. 33310
Mayron Moorhead                   Research Projects Advisor
CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation): JELF,
ORF SI and LI (Ontario Research Fund, Small
Infrastructure & Large Infrastructure)
ORF RE (Ontario Research Fund, Research
ext. 75840


Research Data Analytics

Bob Minor                   Research Data Analyst                   ext. 74579


Research Ethics Unit

Dr. Andrew Winterborn           ​Director   ext. 33047
Jennifer Couture                       Ethics Compliance Advisor                                  ext. 78223
Elizabeth Heinricks Ethics Office Assistant

ext. 74814

Toll free: 1-844-535-2988


General Research Ethics Board (GREB)

Dr. John Freeman    Chair - GREB  ext. 78281  
Gail Irving                         Ethics Coordinator - GREB                     ext. 78281


Health Science Research Ethics Board (HSREB)

Dr. Albert Clark     Chair- HSREB ext. 77000
Kathy Reed             Ethics Coordinator - HSREB    ext. 77000


Tools for Research at Queen's - TRAQ Project - Fleming Hall/Jemmett Wing, 2nd floor

Tom Herra                  Senior Business Analyst ext. 77433
Patricia Ambrose Help Desk Analyst and Trainer ext. 78426
Traci Allen                    Research Administration Assistant   ext. 77315

Industry Partnerships

Research Contracts

Please see the Industry Partnerships Contact Us page for information on this unit.