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University Research Services
University Research Services

Institutional Funding

Follow these steps to apply for

Researchers may apply to CFI and CRC only after receiving an allocation from Queen's University.

If you have any questions, please contact URS institutional Programs staff for support.

1. Outline your research proposal

2. Identify appropriate source of funding and review guidelines

Visit the links noted above to identify appropriate funding and any restrictions.

Note the following: 
- ORF RE application rounds occur approximately every two to three years. 
- CFI funding involves a restricted competition requiring a Queen's allocation.
- CRC funding also involves a restricted competition requiring a Queen's allocation.

3. Develop your proposal and send for review 

Give yourself enough time to share drafts with colleagues for peer/scientific review and for review and sign-off with URS. Note that URS sets specific review deadlines for institutional applications; it is your responsibility to follow the internal deadlines set out by your research projects advisor, who will work with you throughout the process.

Learn about URS Resources.

4. Receive pre-submission approvals (TRAQ DSS & institutional signatures)

Complete a TRAQ DSS at least 5 business days in advance of the application deadline; note that more time is required for approvals for Hospital-based researchers. Department head approval is also required. Your institutional research projects advisor will obtain the required institutional signatures.

5. Submit your application

An institutional research projects advisor will submit your proposal directly to the funding agency, having worked with you throughout the process to ensure compliance with agency rules and application completeness.

6. Receive notification of funding decision

Notification will come directly to URS; you will then be contacted by an institutional research projects advisor. If unsuccessful, there may be an opportunity to revise and resubmit your application.

If you are successful, you will receive an Award Agreement from the URS institutional programs departmental coordinator. E-mail approval is required to initiate PeopleSoft Project set-up at Queen's Research Accounting. 

For CFI awards, a finalization meeting will be set up to explain the next steps.

7. Post award: certifications, Peoplesoft project set-up and annual reporting (for ORF-RE and ERA only)

Typically, funds are not released until any required certifications (e.g. animal care, human ethics, biohazard, radiation safety) are completed.

Research Ethics 
Environmental Health and Safety certifications

When you have received all of the required approvals, contact your URS departmental coordinator, who will send the required information to Research Accounting to have a PeopleSoft Project set up for you.

Research Accounting will send you an email requesting a full budget and signature authorization form and will inform you when your PeopleSoft project has been set up.

You will be contacted by your research projects advisor about annual reporting requirements. Annual reports are submitted by URS; annual/bi-annual financial reports are submitted by Research Accounting.