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University Animal Care Committee

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Theoretical Training (QACS 799 - Introduction to Animal Care)

Who is required to take the course?

Anyone that is going to be listed on an Animal Use Protocol (AUP) must take the course. This pertains to Principal Investigators as well as any individuals who are responsible for the care and use of animals under an approved AUP.

Why do I need to take this course?

QACS 799 - Introduction to Animal Care pertains to all species that are used as an animal model at the university. The objective of the course is to introduce the expectations of the responsible use of animals in research and teaching which will be discussed in further detail in succeeding practical training sessions. The first 5 modules and their respected quizzes covering Guidelines, Legislation and Regulations; Ethics in Animal Experimentation; The Three R's in Animal Experimentation; Occupational Health and Safety; and Pain, Distress and Endpoints must be completed with a minimum passing grade of 80%.

When is the course offered and how do I register?

QACS 799 - Introduction to Animal Care must be completed prior to being listed on an animal use protocol (AUP) and registering for practical handling courses. Registration for QACS 799 - Introduction to Animal Care can be done at any time through the Office of the University Veterinarian. Please contact the Training Coordinator at or by telephone at extension 79013 and provide your name, NetID and the Principal Investigator you will be working with.