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Queen's University

Queen's Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

Royal Society of Canada

Year of Election Name Academy
2013 Dr. Gauvin Bailey I-Humanities
Dr. Nicholas Bala II-Social Sciences
Dr. Praveen Jain III-ASE
Dr. Philip Jessop III-MPS
Dr. David Lillicrap III-LS
Dr. F.P. Lock I-Humanities
Dr. Carlos Prado I-Humanities
2012 Dr. Keith Banting II-Social Sciences
Dr. Jacalyn Duffin I-Humanities
2011 Dr. Audrey Kobayashi II-Social Sciences
2010 Dr. John McGarry II-Social Sciences
Dr. Guy Narbonne III-EOAS
Dr. David Thomson III-MPS
2009 Dr. David Dodge  II-Social Sciences
  Dr. Raleigh J. Robertson III-LS
  Dr. R. Stan Brown III-MPS
2008 Dr. Agnes Herzberg III-MPS 
  Dr. David Lyon  II-Social Sciences 
2007 Dr. István Anhalt I-Arts / Les arts
  Dr. Robert Kisilevsky III-LS
2003 Dr. Michael Baird III-MPS
  Dr. Will Kymlicka I-Humanities 
2002 Dr. Julian Barling II-Social Sciences
  Dr. Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey I-Humanities
  Dr. Susan Lederman II-Social Sciences
2001 Dr. Peter Boag III-LS
  Dr. Peter Davies III-LS
  Dr. R. Kerry Rowe III-ASE
2000 Dr. Susan Cole III-LS 
  Dr. Charles Franks II-Social Sciences
1998 Dr. Christine Overall I-Humanities
1997 Dr. T. Kurtis Kyser III-EOAS
  Dr. Arthur McDonald III-MPS
  Dr. Ronald Watts II-Social Sciences
1996 Dr. John Smol III-LS 
1995 Dr. David Atherton III-ASE
  Dr. Merlin Donald II-Social Sciences
  Dr. James MacKinnon II-Social Sciences
1994 Dr. Jean-Jacques Hamm I-Lettres et sciences humaines
1993 Dr. Victor Snieckus  III-MPS 


Dr. Michael Sayer III-ASE 
1991 Dr. David Dennis III-LS 
1990 Dr. Gerard Dünnhaupt I-Humanities
  Dr. T. Geoffrey Flynn III-LS
  Dr. Barrie Frost III-LS 
  Dr. M. Ram Murty III-MPS
1989 Dr. Susan Dick I-Humanities
  Dr. Noel James III-EOAS 
  Dr. William Leggett III-EOAS
1987 Dr. Edward Woods III-MPS
1986 Dr. Robin Boadway II-Social Sciences
1985 Dr. Colin Leys II-Social Sciences 
  Dr. John Spencer III-LS
1984 Dr. Gerald Finley I-Humanities 
1983 Dr. J. Gunn II-Social Sciences 
  Dr. Dan Usher II-Social Sciences
1981 Dr. Thomas Courchene II-Social Sciences
  Dr. Gerard Wyatt III-LS
1980 Dr. James Leith I-Humanities
1978 Dr. Stephan Kaliski II-Social Sciences 
1977 Dr. David Canvin III-LS 
  Dr. Albert Hamilton I-Humanities
1975 Dr. George Ewan III-MPS 
1974 Dr. John Meisel II-Social Sciences
1972 Dr. R.G.S. Bidwell III-LS 
  Dr. Raymond Price III-EOAS 
1970 Dr. Alec Stewart III-MPS
1969 Dr. Paulo Ribenboim III-MPS
1964 Dr. Robert Uffen III-EOAS

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