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Final Results 2015 (March 24th)

1st place: Chenman Yin (Engineering & Applied Physics)

2nd place: Nicolle Domnik (Physiology)

People's Choice: Changhai Zhu (Biology)


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Heat 1 Results (March 10, 2015)

1st place: Stephane Leahy (Mechanical & Materials Engineering)

2nd place: Oluwatobiloba Moody (Law)

3rd place: Evelyn Popiel (Biology)

4th place: Nicolle Domnik (Physiology)

People's Choice: Oluwatobiloba Moody (Law)

Heat 2 Results (March 12, 2015)

1st place: Chenman Yin (Engineering & Applied Physics)

2nd place: Changhai Zhu (Biology)

3rd place: Amy Rentz (Civil Engineering)

4th place: Valeria Li (Geological Sciences)

People's Choice: Chenman (Cara) Yin (Engineering & Applied Physics)

2015 Photo Gallery 


The audience 2015

Finalists 2015

Final  judges

FInal JUdges and participants

Winner - 2015 - Chenman Yin with Principal Woolf and Dean Brouwer

Runner Up - Nicolle Domnik and Dean Brouwer

Peoples Choice - Changhai Zhu with Dean Brouwer

Town Crown & Master of Ceremonies - Chris Whyman

Volunteer - Prabeen Joshi

Final 2015 Audience

Dean Brenda Brouwer welcome

Finalist - Changhai Zhu

Finalist - Stephane Leahy

Finalist and POst Doc - Michelle North

Finalist - Evelyn Popiel

Finalist - Oluwatobiloba Moody

Finalist & Post doc - Kevser Aktas

Finalist - Valeria Li

Finalist - Amy Rentz

Finalist - Chenman Yin

Finalist - Nicolle Domnik

Final audeince

Refreshments post final

Final - happy judges

Thank you to MC

Heat 1 participants 2015

Heat 1  judges & participants

Chris McNevin presenting

Dilys Huang presenting

Evelyn Popiel presenting

Fiona Haxho presenting

Joddi Alden presenting

Stephane Leahy presenting


Oluwatobiloba Moody​​

CHris McNevin

Dilys Huang

Evelyn Popiel

Fiona Haxho

Joddi Alden

Nicole Domnik

Stephane Leahy

Judges heat 2​​

Heat 2 participants

Heat 2 judges & participants

Heat 2 with MC

Heat 2 judges​​

Harkiran Kaur presenting

Valeria LI presenting

Caleb Regier presenting

Amber White presenting​​

Chenman Yi presenting

Mena soliman presenting

Changhai Zhu presenting

Joshua Moskowitz presenting​​

Amy Rentz presenting

Harkiran Kaur

Valeria LI

Caleb Regier​​

Amanda White

Chenman Yi

Mena Soliman

Changhai Zhu​​

Joshua Moskowitz

Amy Rentz

Peoples Choice - Chenman Yi

third place Amy Rentz​​

second place Changhai Zhu

First place Chenman Yi

Fourth Place - Valeria Li