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2020 Queen's 3MT Live!


Please join the School of Graduate Studies for a live viewing of this year's Three Minute Thesis Competition.  Starting off with our heats and followed up with our final and announcement of our winners! Come out (virtually of course) to hear about the amazing research our graduate students are doing. Don't forget you too can choose your favourite presentation by voting at the end of each session for the People's Choice Award.

Save the Dates:

Heat 1: Wednesday 13th May starting at 12noon EDT  (Watch on Vimeo)

Heat 2: Thursday 14th May starting at 12noon EDT  (Watch on Vimeo)

Final: Thursday 21st May starting at 3pm EDT  (Watch on Vimeo)


Vote for your Favourite Presentation in the People's Choice Award

To vote for your favourite presentation after all presentations are complete use the link below and rank each participant in order (#1 being your most favourite, #2 second favourite, and so on)

Final People's Choice*

*Link will be live directly after the last presenter.  You will have 2 minutes only to cast your vote


The Final

Presenter Program Degree Presentation Title
Arthi Chinna Meyyapapan Neuroscience Masters Microbe Therapy and The Gut-Brain Axis – The Future of Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry
Iman Abdali Mashhadi Electrical & Computer Engineering Doctoral

The Future of Retinal Implants

Rebecca Stroud Stasel Education Doctoral Educator Acculturation: Challenges in Overseas K-12 Schools
Katya Douchant Biomedical & Molecular Sciences Doctoral

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend: Using Viruses to Target Bacteria

Sean Marrs History Doctoral

City of Spies

Christina Ferrone Pathology & Molecular Medicine Doctoral

It’s all in the Genes: Cancer Care Gets Personal

Morgan Lehtinen Chemistry Doctoral H2Only:Smart Filters for Efficient Oil/Water Separation
Alice Santilli Computing Masters

Sniffing out Breast Cancer

Alastair Keirulf Chemistry Doctoral

Down and Dirty: A Bioaccessibility Method for Soil Risk Assessments