2013 Participants

Participants of the 2013 Ontario Competition

Queen's University sent Xiaoqian Liu and Ryley Beddoe to the inaugural 2013 Ontario 3MT competition.

"Xiaoqian Liu"

"Queen's University logo" Name: Xiaoqian Liu

 Program: PhD student in Education

 Title of Presentation: Grade: an indicator more than an achievement




"Ryley Beddoe"

 Name: Ryley Beddoe

 Program: PhD student in Civil Engineering

 Title of Presentation: "Landslides today, lives saved tomorrow"


The list of participants from other participating schools is below.

"Sierra Holtzheuser""Brock University logo" Name: Sierra Holtzheuser 

 Program: Masters student in Child & Youth Studies

 Title of Presentation: "Reading Rocks Junior: Changing the Cycle with early intervention"

"Tessa Innocent-Bernard""Carleton University logo" Name: Tessa Innocent-Bernard 

 Program: MSc student in Environmental Engineering

 Title of Presentation: Evaporation in oil sand thickened tailings: The path to reclamation"


"Viniti Ambwani" Name: Viniti Ambwani

 Program: PhD student in Management, Sprott School of Business

 Title of Presentation: Untying the ribbons: Exploring gift-giving motives &  their relationship to human values for Immigrants.

"Mary Anne Smith" Name: Mary Anne Smith "University of Guelph logo"

 Program: PhD student in Food Science

 Title of Presentation: "Bridging the Gap Between Science and Policy"


"Krista Mitchnick" Name: Krista Mitchnick

 Program: MSc student in Psychology/Neuroscience

 Title of Presentation: "Where did I put my keys? An epigenetic hypothesis"

"Jason Corcoran""Laurentian University logo" Name: Jason Corcoran

 Program: MSc student in Biology

 Title of Presentation: "The impact of induced physiological stress on microalgae lipids".


"Sean Thomas" Name: Sean Thomas

 Program: MA student in Experimental Psychology

 Title of Presentation: "Mental Action verbs processing: an ERP investigation"


"Shanil Ebrahim""McMaster University logo" Name: Shanil Ebrahim 

 Program: PhD student in Health Research Methodology

 Title of Presentation: "Psychotherapy for depression in patients receiving disability benefits"


"Curtis McEwan" Name: Curtis McEwan

 Program: M.A.Sc. student in Engineering Physics

 Title of Presentation: "Uncertainty in Nuclear Reactor Physics Calculations"

"Marc de Pape" Name: Marc De Pape "OCAD logo"

 Program: M.Des. student in Digital Futures

 Title of Presentation: "The Chime: Scoring the City"


 Name: Tahireh Lal

 Program: MFA student in Art, Media and Design

 Title of Presentation: "Metaphysical Gravity: Exploring how the idea of home operates for the contemporary nomad"

"UOIT logo""Kevin Stemmler" Name: Kevin Stemmler

 Program: MSc student in Applied Bioscience

 Title of Presentation: "Assessment of Wastewater Algae for   use in Biofuel production"


"Aras Azimipanah" Name: Aras Azimipanah

 Program: MASc student in Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Title of Presentation: "Compressive sensing in Ultrasound Non-Destructive Testing"

"Panos Argyropolous""University of Ottawa logo" Name: Panos Argyropoulos

 Program: M.Sc student in Chemistry

 Title of Presentation: "Understanding how Erythromycin is made"

"Thomas Tiveron""Ryerson University logo" Name: Thomas Tiveron 

 Program: M.A.Sc. student in Civil Engineering

 Title of Presentation: "Quenching the thirst of an urbanizing world: How to do it through water reuse"


"Jamil Jivraj" Name: Jamil Jivraj

 Program: M.A.Sc. student in Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Title of Presentation: "How can we design efficient walking robots?"

"UofT logo""Jasdeep Saggar" Name: Jasdeep Saggar

 Program: PhD student in Medical Biophysics

 Title of Presentation: "Hypoxia-activated pro-drugs: A novel approach for breast cancer treatment"


"Abraham Heifets" Name: Abraham Heifets

 Program: PhD student in Computing Science

 Title of Presentation: "How can we make better medicines? Computer tools for Chemistry"

"Chau-Minh Phan""University of Waterloo logo" Name: Chau-Minh Phan

 Program: PhD student in Vision Science

 Title of Presentation: "Treatment of Fungal Eye Infections using contact lenses and nanoparticles"


"Matt Hunt" Name: Matt Hunt

 Program: M.A.Sc. student in Mechanical Engineering

 Title of Presentation: "The effects of anti-icing agents on reinforcing steel in concrete"

"Caroline Strang""Western University logo" Name: Caroline Strang

 Program: PhD student in Psychology

 Title of Presentation: "Brainy Bees: Learning in the Bumblebee Brain"


"Michael Taylor" Name: Michael Taylor

 Program: MSc. student in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

 Title of Presentation: "Risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes: An Immigrant Story"

"Tracy Bachellier""Wilfrid Laurier University logo" Name: Tracy Bachellier 

 Program: M.Ed student in Education

 Title of Presentation: Parent & Teacher Collaboration in Education


"Gwenith Cross" Name: Gwenith Cross

 Program: PhD student in History

 Title of Presentation: Midwives and Medicine on Bicycles

"Chris Allan" Name: Chris Allan"University of Windsor logo"

 Program: PhD student in Chemistry & Biochemistry

 Title of Presentation: "From Your TV to the Lab: Exploring the Reactivity of Indium"


"Rebecca Williams" Name: Rebecca Williams

 Program: PhD student in Biological Sciences

 Title of Presentation: "Great Lakes Undercover: Can Fish Evolve to Survive Pollution?"

"Kamila Pietrzyk""York University logo" Name: Kamilla Pietrzyk 

 Program: PhD student in Political Science

 Title of Presentation: "Fast Activism: Changing the world in the age of distraction"


"Carson Mok" Name: Carson Mok

 Program: PhD student in Physics & Astronomy

 Title of Presentation: "Measuring Gravity with Light"