2017 Participants

Participants of the 2017 Ontario Competition

Queen's University sent Victoria Donovan to the 2017 Ontario 3MT competition.

"Victoria Donovan"Name: Victoria Donovan"Queen's University logo"
Program: Neuroscience
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: “Lie Low, Stay Alive”

Victoria Donovan is a second-year Neuroscience master's student with an undergraduate degree in biology from Queen's University. She is an avid hiker and hockey player, and owner of 2 cats who graciously acted as her audience for her practice rehearsals for her presentation. Victoria decided to participate in 3MT to share her research with others and further develop her public speaking skills.

The list of participants from other participating schools is below.

"Caitlyn Gallant"Name: Caitlyn Gallant"Brock University logo"
Program: Psychology
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Concussion: The Silent Injury

Caitlyn Gallant is currently working towards her Master of Arts in Psychology (Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience) at Brock University and will commence the Doctoral program at Brock in September. The overarching goal of Caitlyn’s research is to aid in the prevention of mild head injuries and educate others about their behavioural, cognitive, and social consequences. Currently, her research focuses on concussive and subconcussive injuries in sports and how they can affect socioemotional functions, such as the theory of mind and empathy. Her aim is to develop a better understanding of head injuries and their neuropsychological sequelae to develop strategies to facilitate social reintegration. Caitlyn also assists in the assessment and rehabilitation of individuals living with mental health issues through a placement in the mental health unit at the St. Catharines hospital. In the future, Caitlyn aspires to register as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and provide mental health services in rural regions.

"Samuel Dubois"Name: Samuel Dubois"Carleton University"
Program: Architecture
Level: Master's
Title of Presentation: Mining for Thetford's Identity: Reclaiming the Mine Sites for a Former Asbestos Town

Samuel Dubois is a graduate student at Carleton University, where he is currently completing the final year of his Master of Architecture at the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism. Before starting his graduate studies in Ottawa, Samuel completed a B.A. in Geography at McGill University and a B.Sc. in architecture at Université de Montréal. Throughout his studies, Samuel participated in study-abroad programs in Barbados, Paris, and Lisbon, and worked as an intern in architectural firms in both Montreal and The Hague, the Netherlands. Samuel’s research and design interests focus on public architecture, postwar architectural theories, and mining landscapes in a postproduction context. For his SSHRC-funded master’s thesis, Samuel is considering the question of a new landscape and architectural design proposal for the mine sites of his hometown of Thetford, a former asbestos town located in the Appalachian Mountains, south of Quebec City.

"Shanthanu Krishna Kumar"Name: Shanthanu Krishna Kumar"University of Guelph logo"
Program: Plant Agriculture
Level: Masters
Title of PresentationEnhancing Shelf Life of Fruit Using Hexanal

Shanthanu Krishnakumar is a Masters student in the Plant Agriculture Department at the University of Guelph who is working on the biology of enhancing the shelf life of nectarines using hexanal with molecular, physiological and analytical chemistry approaches. He holds dual undergraduate degrees in Horticulture from Dalhousie, NS and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India. He is a recipient of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture HQP scholarship, Walter and Laura Scott Tree Fruit Scholarship and won the Environmental Leadership Award for his community gardening efforts.  He is also an accomplished vocalist in Indian music. His dream is a hunger-free world without starvation, malnutrition or crop failures where everyone can give their best output.

"Pavlo Karasyuk"Name: Pavlo Karasyuk"Lakehead University"
Program: Physics
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) Detector for Applications in Advanced Computed Tomography

Pavlo Karasyuk is a native of Kiev, Ukraine. He is a second-year Masters student in Physics, Lakehead University. The specialization is Solid State Physics. He works under the supervision of Dr. Alla Reznik. Dr.Alla Reznik leads the development and execution of a medical imaging research program. The major objective of his project is to investigate the transport of photo-generated charge carriers in Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) and to evaluate the potential of CZT photoconductor to be used in advanced computed tomography detectors. Pavlo is the top winner in the 3-minute thesis competition at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay.

"Damien Mullin Semeniuk""Laurentian University"Name: Damien Mullin Semeniuk
Program: Biology
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Giving Endangered Turtles a Headstart

Damien Mullin is a MSc Biology candidate in the ReNewZoo program at Laurentian University. Previously he has worked with Scales Nature Park, The Algonquin Wildlife Research Station, and Laurentian University through multiple research projects with multiple species including Spotted Salamanders, Blue-Spotted Salamanders, Painted Turtles, Snapping Turtles, Blanding’s Turtles, and Wood Turtles.

"Tsz Wing Cheung"Name: Tsz Wing Cheung"McMaster logo"
Program: Radiation Sciences (Medical Physics)
Level: Masters.
Title of Presentation: Lead Poisoning is Everywhere

Tsz Wing Cheung received her Honours Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Nuclear and Risk Engineering from City University of Hong Kong, thesis title “Assessment of bone calcium and phosphorus content using micro x-ray fluorescence spectrometry (µ-EDXRF): effects of long-term cadmium poisoning”. She is currently pursuing an M.Sc. in Radiation Sciences (Medical Physics) at McMaster University, investigating the impact of lead poisoning on bone and brain health in human beings.

"Emily Paul"Name: Emily Paul"Nipissing University"
Program: History
Level: Master's
Title of Presentation: "As for the Fighting, Men Will See to That"

Emily Paul is a Graduate student in Nipissing University’s Master of History program. In June 2016 she graduated from Nipissing University with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Classical Studies and History, with a minor in Film. Emily’s research interests include gender in antiquity and the relationship between films and history. In 2016, Emily was the winning panellist at the Nipissing University Undergraduate Research Conference with the presentation of her paper “Women and Warfare in Ancient Greece: Perception & Portrayal Versus Reality, and Why this Divide Exists,” which is the basis of her research in her Graduate program. Emily would like to thank her friends and family for listening to her 3MT speech hundreds of times, her advisor Dr. Richard Wenghofer, and the professorial staff of Nipissing University’s History Department (especially Dr. Jamie Murton, who asks the important questions).

"Ololade Sanusi"Name: Ololade Sanusi "UOIT logo"
Program: Electrical Engineering
Level: Doctoral
Title of Presentation: Next-Generation Blood Irradiation Systems

Ololade Sanusi is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). In 2015, Ololade received her B.Eng. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University, which sparked her interest to specialize in Microwaves and Electromagnetics with a focus in antennas and radar systems.

Her research focuses on novel antenna designs and integration technologies for wireless sensors. Ololade is particularly interested in investigating ways to integrate new circuit designs and electromagnetic concepts into antenna system designs, to make them smarter, flexible and tunable for use in diverse applications like sensing, medicine, telecommunications, defence and wearables.

Ololade enjoys teaching, weight lifting, watching period films, travelling and reading books. She also serves under the UOIT Board of Governors as the Graduate Student Representative.

"University of Ottawa logo""Teri Slade"Name: Teri Slade
Program: Music and Human Kinetics
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Hope for the Injured Musician

Teri Slade is combining the study of music pedagogy and music performance with the study of human kinetics to conduct research in musicians’ health. Holding a Bachelor of Music from Memorial University with an intensive interest in human kinetics, Teri is currently fusing these two areas to investigate the measurable effects of Body Mapping on piano performance. Her thesis uses MIDI technology, as well as audio and video data, to evaluate the musical and physical changes that occur when pianists study Body Mapping as a way to prevent injury.

"RMC logo""Stevan Ostojic"Name: Stevan Ostojic
Program: Chemical Engineering
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Energy Efficient Conversion of Brewing Waste to Food

Stevan Ostojic is originally from Montreal and completed his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering at McGill University. His desire to use chemical engineering theory to find sustainable solutions to environmental problems led him to pursue a master's degree at RMC. His research is focused on finding alternative uses for brewer’s spent grain primarily by using heated air drying. The heating is made more cost-efficient using novel heat storage technology. The master’s research has kept Stevan on his toes with a variety of work from making grain pellets to baking grain bread. Stevan enjoys reading and learning about how seemingly different technologies can come together to solve complex problems.

"Ella Dubinsky"Name: Ella Dubinsky"Ryerson logo"
Program: Neuroscience & Music
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Singing for your Brain

Ella Dubinsky is a graduate student at Ryerson University and is combining her passions for neuroscience and music through her research pursuits at the SMART Laboratory. Ella received a B.Sc. with honours in both neuroscience and mathematics from Dalhousie University, where her honours thesis focused on EEG indices of language processing. A lifelong musician and classical pianist, Ella is focusing her graduate studies on how music can change the brain. She is currently examining the effects of choir participation and musical training on auditory perception and cognition, particularly in ageing individuals. In her spare time, Ella continues to play and write music and enjoys yoga, travelling, and spending time with family

"Richard Kil"Name: Richard Kil "UofT logo"
Program: Chemistry
Level: Doctoral
Title of Presentation: Blood Testing with Baker's Yeast in Developing Regions

Richard Kil received his H.B.Sc. in chemistry and physiology, and his M.Sc in chemistry at UofT. After travelling and doing research abroad he returned home where he is now a Ph.D candidate in the chemistry department at UofT. With an interest in public health he began studying synthetic biology with supervisor Dr. David McMillen, and after securing a grant from Grand Challenges of Canada turned his focus towards finding health solutions for the developing world. This led him to create a novel blood diagnostic tool for infectious diseases using modified Baker's yeast, which he hopes to implement in low-resource settings - particularly for neglected tropical diseases. Richard is also passionate about science education and communication, and in his spare time enjoys playing rugby and the ukulele.

"Eliza Nicholson"Name: Eliza Nicholson"Trent University"
Program: Educational Studies
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: First Year University Experience: Potential Meets Opportunity

Eliza Nicholson is an M.Ed. candidate in the Masters of Educational Studies Program at Trent University under the supervision of Dr. Cathy Bruce. Her research involves understanding the experiences, struggles, and successes of a group of Trent University students who were admitted below minimum admission requirements. Eliza is also a member of Trent University’s admissions team and a Teaching Assistant within the School of Business who is passionate about understanding students’ experiences, particularly their efficacy for academic achievement, social and academic engagement, and sense of belonging.

"Emmanuel Alabi"Name: Emmanuel Alabi"University of Waterloo logo"
Program: Optometry and Vision Science
Level: Doctoral
Title of Presentation: Objective Measurement of Pain

Emmanuel Alabi is a doctoral student at the School of Optometry and Vision Science - University of Waterloo. His research focuses on the brain and how it processes information to and from the eye. He is interested in how the human body reacts to pain stimulation and is developing methods through which pain can be measured in non-communicative individuals. Emmanuel is a trained optometrist, he graduated with an OD (Optometry Doctor) from the University of Science and Technology (Ghana).  His inquisitive nature and love for science lead him to pursue an MSc in Vision Science at the University of Waterloo in 2011.  Prior to fueling his passion for research and academia, Emmanuel was part of a travelling team of eye doctors providing free primary eye care to some 6,000 school children in resource-poor regions of West Africa. Emmanuel hopes the advancement of his research will lead to numerous benefits for all, especially infants.

"Richard Edwards"Name: Richard Edwards"Laurier logo"
Program: Chemistry
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Chiral Quantum Dots: Lending a Hand in the fight against Cancer

Richard Edwards finished his B.Sc in Chemistry and Mathematics in 2015 at Wilfrid Laurier University after doing his undergraduate thesis in computational chemistry on the composition of semiconductor nanocrystals. In the same year, he took on a new project in the M.Sc chemistry program attempting to prove the existence of intrinsically chiral quantum dots, a never before seen phenomenon. His research involves analysis of the specific structures of quantum dots that are a million times smaller than a drop of water, where this chirality or handedness, may be secretly hiding. The implications of this would deeply ingrain themselves in current nanotechnology ranging across various applications from 3D TVs to quantum computing to non-invasive cancer diagnosis. Upon completion of this M.Sc, Richard hopes to continue his work taking the proven theory to the application stage so it may begin to benefit society.

"Travis DeWolfe"Name: Travis DeWolfe "University of Windsor logo"
Program: Chemistry & Biochemistry
Level: Master's
Title of Presentation: Supercomputers Against Superbugs

Travis DeWolfe was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Windsor in 2015. During his undergraduate degree, he had the pleasure of completing a thesis project under the supervision of Dr. James Gauld. His research focused on solving enzyme catalysis through the use of computational chemistry. He continued on with his studies, further pursuing his work in Dr. Gauld's lab as a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He now studies enzymes pertaining to antibiotic resistance in hopes to calm his own anxiety over the impending doom of the upcoming apocalypse and perhaps help humanity along the way.

"Shira Yufe"Name: Shira Yufe"York University logo"
Program: Clinical Psychology
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Promoting Health for Breast Cancer Survivors

Shira Yufe is a Master’s student in the Clinical Psychology program at York University. Her research focuses on evaluating healthy lifestyle and weight management interventions for breast cancer survivors. Managing excess weight is an area of increasing importance to breast cancer survivorship because of its association with poorer quality of life and increased risk of cancer recurrence. This research is funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Ontario Women’s Health Scholars Award. Shira is supervised by Dr. Karen Fergus who leads the Psychosocial Oncology Laboratory at York University and holds a Clinician-Scientist position at the Odette Cancer Centre at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.