2019 Finalists

First place - Amanda Brissenden

First Place

Amanda Brissenden

Chemical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering)

Title: Building Blocks for a Healthier Spine

second place winner Nevena Martinovic

Second Place

Nevena Martinovic

English Language & Literature

Title: Acting Your Age: Gender and Age on the 18th C Stage

people's choice Hannah Dies

People's Choice

Hannah Dies

Chemical Engineering

Title: Building the Future of Sensors: One Nanoparticle at a Time



2019 Finalists

Back row (Left to Right): Omid Salari (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Alison Moore (Pathology & Molecular Medicine), Hannah Dies (Chemical Engineering), Mona Kanso (Chemical Engineering), Noor Shakfa (Biomedical & Molecular Sciences), Luissa Vahedi (Public Health)

Front row (Left to Right): Tanya Tran (Psychology), Matteo Zago-Schmitt (Pathology & Molecular Medicine), Nevena Martinovic (English Language & Literature), Abigail Berry (Art History), Nicka Kalaydina (Biomedical & Molecular Sciences), Amanda Brissenden (Chemical Engineering, specialising in Biomedical Engineering)

Judges (not in photo): Daniel Woolf (Principal & Vice-Chancellor), Sophie Kiwala (former MPP for Kingston & the Islands), Mara Shaw (Executive Director of Loving Spoonful), Craig Desjardins (Director of the Office of Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships, City of Kingston).

Emcee (not in photo): Phil Gaudreau (Make it Matter Media).