2020 Finalists

first place winner - Alice Santilli

First Place

Alice Santilli


Title: Sniffing out Breast Cancer

second place winner - Sean Marrs

Second Place

Sean Marrs


Title: City of Spies

people's choice winner

People's Choice

Arthi Chinna Meyyappan


Title: Microbe Therapy and the Gut-Brain Axis - The Future of Personalised Medicine in Psychiatry

"photo of all finalists"

Collage photo of Participants (left to right, top to bottom): Arthi Chinna Meyyappan (Neuroscience), Iman Mashhadi (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Rebecca Stroud-Stasel (Education), Katya Douchant (Biomedical and Molecular Sciences), Sean Marrs (History), Christina Ferrone (Pathology ad Molecular Medicine), Morgan Lehtinen (Chemistry), Alice Santilli (Computing), Alistair Kieruff (Chemistry)

Judges (not in photo): Sophie Kiwala (former MPP for Kingston and the Islands), Tom Howell (CBC radio, Ideas from the Trenches), James Reynolds (Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies)

Emcee (not in photo): Colette Steer, Manager of Recruitment & Events, School of Graduate Studies

"Winner Alice Santilli with her winners cheque"

2020 winner, Alice Santilli