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What is 3MT® ?

3MT® is a university wide competition for Masters (by thesis & research project) and doctoral students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in 3 minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges.  The challenge is to present complex research material in an engaging, compelling way, using only one slide.


The Three Minute Thesis 3MT® competition was developed by The University of Queensland in 2008 to promote effective communication of research.  The success of the first Queensland competition prompted other Australian and New Zealand universities to run their own competitions, culminating in the first Trans Tasman competition held in 2010.

3MT®has spread internationally: from Tokyo, London, Edinburgh, Vienna, to Vancouver and now Ontario.  UBC ran the first Canadian competition in 2011; Queen’s was the first Ontario University to host a 3MT® competition, followed by Western (both in 2012), and subsequently challenged sister institutions to join in a province-wide competition, which Queen's hosted in April, 2013.

In 2014, Canada held it's first national competition, which was hosted by the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies. Chenman Yin (Queen's), was the National People's Choice Award winner in 2015.

Past Competitions

Photo of 2019 Queen's Three Minute Thesis finalists and judges

Queen's 3MT Finalists - 2019 (View 2019 Video/Photo Gallery)

1st place - Amanda Brissenden (Chemical Engineering, specializing in Biomedical Engineering), 2nd place - Nevena Martinovic (English Language & Literature), People's Choice - Hannah Dies (Chemical Engineering) 

Back row (Left to Right): Mara Shaw (Loving Spoonful & Judge), Craig Desjardins (City of Kingston & Judge), Omid Salari (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Alison Moore (Pathology & Molecular Medicine), Hannah Dies (Chemical Engineering), Mona Kanso (Chemical Engineering), Noor Shakfa (Biomedical & Molecular Sciences), Luissa Vahedi (Public Health), Principal Daniel Woolf (Judge)

Front row (Left to Right): Tanya Tran (Psychology), Matteo Zago-Schmitt (Pathology & Molecular Medicine), Nevena Martinovic (English Language & Literature), Abigail Berry (Art History), Nicka Kalaydina (Biomedical & Molecular Sciences), Amanda Brissenden (Chemical Engineering, specialising in Biomedical Engineering), Sophie Kiwala (Politician & Judge)

Photo of 2018 Queen's Three Minute Thesis finalists and judges

Queen's 3MT Finalists - 2018 (View 2018 Video/Photo Gallery)

1st place - Priyanka Gogna (Epidemiology), 2nd place - Dhruv  Bisaria (Astronomy & Astrophysics), People's Choice - Priyanka Gogna (Epidemiology)

Back row (Left to Right): Jasmine Buddingh (Chemistry), Frances Wallace (Art History),  Shannon Neville (Biomedical Engineering), Jo-Ellen Worden (Law), James Reynolds (Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies & Judge), Dhruv Bisaria (Astronomy & Astrophysics), Craig Desjardins (City of Kingston & Judge), Principal Daniel Woolf (Judge), Sawyer Hogenkamp (Education)

Front row (Left to Right): Priyanka Gogna (Epidemiology), Debrah Zemanek (Civil Engineering), Judith Ebegbulem (Chemical Engineering), Isabel Turner (Judge), Kuukuwa Andam (Law), Voila David (Education), Jennifer Williams (Kinesiology & Health Studies) 

Photo of 2017 Queen's Three Minute Thesis finalists and judges

Queen's 3MT Finalists - 2017 (View 2017 Video/Photo Gallery)

1st place - Victoria Donovan (Neuroscience), 2nd place - Amani Ibrahim (Computing), People's Choice - Victoria Donovan (Neuroscience)

Back row (Left to Right): Victoria Donovan (Neuroscience), Principal Daniel Woolf (Judge), Brianne Gascho (Art History), Caroline Wallace (Neuroscience), JC Kenny (JCKenny Media, CBC and Judge), Chancellor Jim Leech (Judge), Robert A Wood (8020Info and Judge), Eric Rapos (Computing), Bill Welychka (CKWS and MC)

Front row (Left to Right): Vice Provost & Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Brenda Brouwer, Kassandra Yun (Environmental Studies), Denise Cumming (University Hospitals Kingston Foundation and Judge), Claire Boteler (Math & Stats), Rosanna Brown (Art History), Amani Ibrahim (Computing), Louise de Lannoy (Kinesiology & Health Studies), Deyu Xing (Education)

Photo of 2016 Queen's Three Minute Thesis finalists

Queen's 3MT Finalists - 2016 (View 2016 Video/Photo Gallery)

1st place - Anastasia Shavrova (Biology), 2nd place - Yu Qing Liu (Neuroscience), People's Choice - Mohamed Al Guindy (Management)

Finalists 2016 (Left to Right): Mohamed Al Guindy (Management), Tristan Milne (Mathematics & Statistics), Gemma Bullard (Civil Engineering), Anastasia Shavrova (Biology), Hoda Gharib (Kinesiology & Health Studies), Chloe Hudson (Psychology), Justin Wong (Pathology & Molecular Medicine), Joshua Alpern (Biology), Andre Brault (Civil Engineering), Yu Qing Liu (Neuroscience), Ernesto Figueiro-Filho (Biomedical & Molecular Sciences - PostDoc), Isabel Macquarrie (Sociology), Haito Lan (Civil Engineering)

Photo of 2015 Queen's Three Minute Thesis finalists

Queen's 3MT Finalists - 2015 (View 2015 Video/Photo Gallery)

1st place - Chenman Yin (Engineering & Applied Physics), 2nd place - Nicolle Domnik (Physiology), People's Choice - Changhai Zhu (Biology)

Finalists 2015 (Left to Right): Kevser Aktas (Mathematics - Post Doc), Changhai Zhu (Biology), Amy Rentz (Civil Engineering), Oluwatobiloba Moody (Law), Chenman (Cara) Yin (Engineering & Applied Physics), Nicolle Domnik (Physiology, DBMS), Stephane Leahy (Mechanical & Materials Engineering), Michelle North (DBMS - Post Doc), Valeria Li (Geological Sciences), Evelyn Popiel (Biology)

Photo of 2014 Queen's Three Minute Thesis finalists

Queen's 3MT Finalists - 2014 (View 2014 Video/Photo Gallery)

1st place - Mike Best (Psychology), 2nd place - Mary Chaktsiris (History), People's Choice - Sima Zakani (Mechanical & Materials Engineering)

Finalists 2014 (Left to Right): Mike Best (Psychology), Mary Chaktsiris (History), Jasmin Ma (Kinesiology & Health Studies), Sanchari Sur (Gender Studies), Michelle van der Pouw Kraan (Geological Engineering), Sima Zakani (Mechanical & Materials Engineering), Paul Vernon (Education), Hayley Roberts (Biology), Joshua Alpern ( Biology), Lorraine Van Zon (Education)



Photo of 2013 Queen's Three Minute Thesis finalists

Queen's 3MT Finalists - 2013 (View 2013 Video/Photo Gallery)

1st place - Xiaoqian Liu (Education), 2nd place - Ryley Beddoe (Civil Engineering), People's Choice - Alaa al-Helaili (Physiology - DBMS)

Finalists 2013 (Left to Right): Haroon Malik (Computing), Laurelle Veloce (Physics), Rana Pishva (Psychology), Ryley Beddoe (Civil Engineering), Xiaoqian Liu (Education), Heather Ridgway (Rehabilitation Science), Sharief Oteafy (Computing), Jasmin Ma (Kinesiology & Health Studies), Frank Secretain (Mechanical & Materials Engineering), Alaa al-Helaili(Physiology), Mitchell Anderson (Physics),  Joel Roediger (Astro physics), Nida Latif (Psychology), - Photo By: Chi Yan Lam

Photo of 2012 Queen's Three Minute Thesis finalists

Queen's 3MT Finalists - 2012 (View 2012 Video/Photo Gallery)

1st place & People’s Choice – Jennifer Campbell (Engineering Physics), Runner up - Ann McKellar, (Biology)

Finalists 2012 (Left to Right): Brandon Tozzo (Political Studies), Jun Liu (Biology), James MacLeod (Pathology & Molecular Medicine), Dana Knarr (Education), Charla Gray (Rehabilitation Science), Sylvia Bawa (Sociology), Ann McKellar (Biology), Jennifer Campbell (Engineering Physics) & Xu Han (Biology)