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Final Results 2017 (March 30th)

1st place and representing Queen's at the Ontario 3MT: Victoria Donovan (Neuroscience)

2nd place: Amani Ibrahim (Computing)

People's Choice: Victoria Donovan (Neuroscience)

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Heat 1 Results (March 20, 2017)

1st place:  Rosanna Brown (Art History)

2nd place: Kassandra Yun (Environmental Studies)

3rd place: Caroline Wallace (Neuroscience)

People's Choice: Kassandra Yun (Environmental Studies)


Heat 2 Results (March 21, 2017)

1st place: Louise de Lannoy (Kinesiology & Health Studies)

2nd place: Amani Ibrahim (Computing)

3rd place: Victoria Donovan (Neuroscience)

People's Choice: Louise de Lannoy (Kinesiology & Health Studies)


Heat 3 Results (March 22, 2017)

1st place: Deyu Xing (Education)

2nd place: Brianne Gascho (Art History)

3rd place: Eric Rapos (Computing)

People's Choice: Eric Rapos (Computing)


2017 Photo Gallery Final


Final - 2017 Judges and participants

Dean Brouwer

MC - Bill Welychka


Presenter - Amani Ibrahim

Presenter Stephen MacGregor

Presenter Brianne Gascho

Presenter Carolyn Wallace

Presenter Claire Boteler

Judges - Cumming and Wood

Judges Kenny and Woolf

Judge Leech

Presenter Louise de Lannoy

Presenter Deyu Xing

Presenter Eric Rapos

Presenter Victoria Donovan

Presenter - Kassandra Yun

Presenter Rosanne Brown

Audience 2

Audience 3

Audience 4

Audience 5

Audience 6

Audience 7

Audience 8

JUdge Wood

Judge Kenny

MC - Bill Welychka 2

Runner Up Amani Ibrahim and Principal Woolf

Winner Victoria Donovan and Chancellor Leech

Victoria speech

30 Seconds


Heat 3 Gallery


Heat 3 - 2017 Judges and participants

Brianne Gascho

Deyu Xing

Eric Rapos

Meaghan Whitehead

Robert Talarico

Stephen MacGregor

Timekeeper - Junyu





Brianne Gascho presenting

Deyu Xing presenting

Eric Rapos presenting

Meaghan Whiting presenting

Robert Talarico presenting

Stephen MAcGregor presenting


Peoples choice voting

Peoples Choice winner - Eric Rapos with judge

3rd place - Eric Rapos with judge

2nd place - Brianne GAscho with judge

1st place - Deyu Xing with judge JOhn Kirby


Heat 2 Gallery


Heat2 - 2017 Judges and participants

Victoria Donovan

Siljia Li

Alyssa Abraham

Derya Gungor

Amani Ibrahim

Louise de Lannoy

Timekeeper - Omar

Judges and audience



Audience 3

Alyssa Abraham presenting

Derya Gungor  presenting

Amani Ibrahim presenting

Louise de Lannoy presenting

Siljia Li presenting

VIctoria Donovan presenting


Our helpers - judges and timekeeper

Peoples Choice winner - Louise de Lannoy with judge

3rd place - Victoria Donovan with judge

2nd place - Amani Ibrahim with judge

1st place - Louise de Lannoy with judge Nathalie Ouellette-Kuntz


Heat 1 Gallery


Heat1 - 2017

Caroline Wallace

Claire Boteler

Gillian Williams

Kassandra Yun

MD Shahrear-Iqbal

Nadia Arghash

Stephanie Gauvin

Rosanna Brown

Concentrating Crowd - Sue Fostaty Young

Heather Topping - Timekeeper

Judges - heat1

Caroline Wallace presenting

Claire Boteler presenting

Gillian Williams presenting

Kassandra Yun presenting

Md Shahrear Iqbal presenting

Nadia Arghash presenting

Stephanie Gauvin presenting

Rosanna Brown presenting


Participants and listeners

Judges and Timer

Kimberly Sutherland-Mills and Kassandra Yun - Peoples Choice

Kimberly Sutherland mills and Caroline Wallace - 3rd place

Kassandra Yun and Kimberly Sutherland-Mills - 2nd place

Kimberly Sutherland Mills and Rosanna Brown - 1st place

MC - Kim McAuley