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​​Collage of Queen's 3MT participants


Graduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to compete in the Queen's, Three Minute Thesis Competition held each year.  As we approach each year's competition, details of our participants will be posted as they are confirmed (not in any particular order), highlighting their program and their research.  

Participants (2020)

Heat 1 - 17th March 2020 (in no particular order)

Jasmin Manseau

Name: Jasmin Manseau

Program: Management
Supervisor: Dr Tracy Jenkin
Presentation: The Future of Work.

Sean Marrs

Name: Sean Marrs

Program: History
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Jainchill
Presentation: City of Spies 

Gabriella Vojtila

Name: Gabriella Vojtila

Program: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Dr Colin MacDougall
Presentation: Building Taller With Wood

Alastair Kierulf

Name: Alastair Kierulf

Program: Chemistry
Supervisor: Dr Diane Beauchemin
Presentation: Down and Dirty: A Bioaccessibility Method for Soil Risk Assessments

Hannah Ramsay

Name: Hannah Ramsay

Program: Chemistry
Supervisor: Dr Kevin Stamplecoskie
Presentation: Silver Clusters: Small Material, Big Potential

Ftoon Kedwan

Name: Ftoon Kedwan

Program: Computing
Supervisor: Dr Selim Akl
Presentation: NLQ into SQL Transformation Mechanism

Iman Abdali Mashhadi

Name: Iman Abdali Mashhadi

Program: Electrical & Computing Engineering
Supervisor: Dr Majid Pahlevani
Presentation: The Future of Retinal Implants

Shikha Gupta

Name: Shikha Gupta

Program: Rehabilitation Science
Supervisor: Dr Mary Ann McColl
Presentation: Paying for the pills: Coverage or Compromise?

Carolyn DeLoyde

Name: Carolyn DeLoyde

Program: Geography & Planning
Supervisor: Dr Warren Mabee
Presentation: The Nexus of Nature



Heat 2 - 18th March 2020 (in no particular order)

Christina Fabiania

Name: Christina Fabiani

Program: Cultural Studies 
Supervisor: Dr Jeffrey Brison 
Presentation: Tattoos in the West: From Perversity to Celebrity

Courtney Bannerman

Name: Courtney Bannerman

Program: Biomedical & Molecular Sciences
Supervisor: Dr Nader Ghasemlou
Presentation: The microbiome's role in spinal cord injury chronic pain

Jhordan Layne

Name: Jhordan Layne

Program: English Language & Literature 
Supervisor: Dr Chris Bongie 
Presentation: Mumbo Jumbo: Using Literature to Rethink Religion and Superstition

Laura McKiel

Name: Laura McKiel

Program: Chemical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr Lindsay Fitzpatrick
Presentation: Targeting cell signalling pathways to reduce the inflammatory response to implants

Allen tian

Name: Allen Tian

Program: Biology
Supervisor: Dr Daniel Lefebvre & Dr Yuxiang Want
Presentation: Green Slime and Drones: Tackling Algal Blooms with Aerial Photography

Taher Ghaleb

Name: Taher Ghaleb

Program: Computing
Supervisor: Dr Ying Zou
Presentation: Mitigating the (Undesirable) Overhead of Continuous Integration

Shengwen Li

Name: Shengwen Li

Program: Management
Supervisor: Dr Anthony Goerzen
Presentation: TBA

Suyin Olguin

Name: Suyin Olguin

Program: English Language & Literature
Supervisor: Dr Brooke Cameron
Presentation: TBA

Sarah Evans

Name: Sarah Evans

Program: Management
Supervisor: Dr Tandy Thomas
Presentation: What We Think When Foreign Countries Reject American Brands



Heat 3 - 19th March 2020 (in no particular order)

Katya Douchant

Name: Katya Douchant

Program: Biomedical & Molecular Sciences
Supervisor: Dr Prameet Sheth
Presentation: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend: Using Bacteria’s Natural Predators Against Them

Rebecca Stroud-Stasel

Name: Rebecca Stroud-Stasel

Program: Education
Supervisor: Dr Benjamin Kutsyuruba
Presentation: What you should know about acculturation and policyscapes

Alice Santilli

Name: Alice Santilli

Program: Computing
Supervisor:  Dr Parvin Mouosavi
Presentation: Detecting cancer through surgery smoke during surgery

Christina Ferrone

Name: Christina Ferrone

Program: Pathology & Molecular Medicine
Supervisor: Dr Michael Rauh
Presentation: It’s all in the Genes: Cancer Care Gets Personal

Morgan Lehtinen

Name: Morgan Lehtinen

Program: Chemistry
Supervisor: Dr Guojun LIu
Presentation: H2Only:Smart Filters for Effecient Oil/Water Separation 

Ali Hamade

Name: Ali Hamade

Program: Biomedical & Molecular Sciences
Supervisor: Dr Madhuri Koti
Presentation: Can STINGing the Immune System help bladder 

Arti Chinna Meyyappan

Name: Arthi Chinna Meyyappan 

Program: Neuroscience
Supervisor: Dr Roumen Milev
Presentation: Microbe Therapy and The Gut-Brain Axis – The Future of Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry

Nicholas Rupar

Name: Nicholas Rupar

Program: Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Supervisor: Dr David S Strong
Presentation: Where did all my time go?

Natalie Zhang

Name: Natalie Zhang

Program: Gender Studies
Supervisor: Dr Margaret Little
Presentation: Why do we care? Review on the recognition of domestic violence in Canadian refugee law system

Rory Fowler

Name: Rory Fowler

Program: Law
Supervisor: Dr Sharry Aiken & Dr Kevin Banks
Presentation: A Crown-soldier Relationship for the 21st Century