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ACQU Working Groups

The Aboriginal Council of Queen’s University (ACQU) has three working groups that support the Aboriginal Education Policy Objectives.

 Aboriginal Student Access and Support:

This group supports the following policy objectives:

  • To enhance equitable access and participation of Aboriginal learners in all programs and services at Queen’s University.
  • To increase the admission, retention, and academic success of Aboriginal students by developing and providing programs - including bridging and access programs and specialized counseling supports - that strive to increase access and support achievement.

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 Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Programming:

This group supports the following policy objectives:

  • To enhance the cultural climate for Aboriginal faculty, staff and students at Queen’s University by providing culturally appropriate support services, an increased cultural presence and a gathering place for Aboriginal students and other community members.
  • To increase the awareness of, and opportunities to celebrate the diversity of, Aboriginal students, cultures and perspectives within the Queen’s University community.
  • To provide a range of on- and off-campus university activities to encourage social, intellectual, and cultural interactions between local Aboriginal communities and the Queen’s University community.

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 Indigenous Knowledge, Curriculum and Research:

This group supports the following policy objectives:

  • To ensure and enhance partnerships between Queen’s University and Aboriginal communities with the goal of developing collaborative research and learning projects that explicitly honour and value Aboriginal culture, ways of knowing and languages.
  • To more fully integrate the teaching of Aboriginal perspectives and content in courses and programs across the university to recognize Aboriginal history, culture and ways of knowing.
  • To develop academic programs to meet the needs of Aboriginal students at Queen’s University

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