Aboriginal Council of Queen's University

Aboriginal Council of

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Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Programming Working Group

This group supports the following policy objectives:

  • To enhance the cultural climate for Aboriginal faculty, staff and students at Queen’s University by providing culturally appropriate support services, an increased cultural presence and a gathering place for Aboriginal students and other community members;
  • To increase the awareness of, and opportunities to celebrate the diversity of, Aboriginal students, cultures and perspectives within the Queen’s University community;
  • To provide a range of on- and off-campus university activities to encourage social, intellectual, and cultural interactions between local Aboriginal communities and the Queen’s University community.



Karine Bertrand

Film and Media

Carol Ann Budd

Community Member

Kandice Baptiste Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

Ann Deer

Indigenous Recruitment and Support Coordinator

Michael Doxtator

Global Development Studies

Petra Fachinger

English Language & Literature

Kassie Hill, Emma Sparks


Kanonhsyonne Janice Hill

AVP, Office of Indigenous Initiatives

Vanessa McCourt

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

Vanessa Yzaguirre Equity Office

Armand Ruffo

English Language & Literature

Taylor Mackenzie MacPherson Advancement
Shara Francis-Herne

Student Experience Office 

Allison Loft Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre 

Chair: Kanonhsyonne Janice Hill, AVP, Office of Indigenous Initiatives