In this page, you will find all necessary information

regarding the Cluster Computing course (ELEC-873).


Please check this page regularly as new information will be added throughout the term. Important notices will be posted here.





Dec 24, 2020: Student research papers and presentations have now been posted.


Dec 7, 2020:  See the guidelines for the ELEC 873 online final exam on the Final Exam page


Sept 6, 2020: Information on how to attend the lectures will be communicated to those who have registered for the course.


Sept 4, 2020: Lectures will be delivered remotely using Zoom in a synchronous fashion.  Attending the lectures and active participation in discussions is highly recommended. 


Aug 20, 2020: Classes will be held remotely. Additional information will be posted at the start of the term.






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Cluster Computing

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