Dr. Patrick Stroman

Queen's University Queen's University

Congratulations to Mr. Howard Warren on completing his MSc in Neuroscience!

Howie Warren successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis on August 28th, thereby completing his degree requirements. 

His thesis was entitled "Investigating the neural basis of pain sensitivity in fibromyalgia using functional magnetic resonance imaging".  The research included examining effective methods for identifying pain responses in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data, and then carrying out a study of people with fibromyalgia syndrome (FM) compared to healthy control (HC) participants.  Differences in pain processing were identified in regions of the brain and brainstem. The FM-specific brain activity suggests that central sensitization in FM is likely associated with dysfunctions in brain regions involved in the motivational-affective aspects of pain processing. These results emphasize the importance of data-driven analyses when studying pain processing, and highlight aspects of pain processing specific to FM that deserve further investigation.