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Newly published research paper by G. Ioachim

Our lab's most recent paper, first-authored by Gabriela Ioachim (PhD student, Stroman Lab) was accepted for publication in Brain Sciences.  The paper is entitled "Coordinated human brainstem and spinal cord networks during the expectation of pain have elements unique from resting-state effects", and demonstrates links between resting-state variations in brainstem (BS) and spinal cord (SC) neural activity, and pain processing. 

The results showed extensive connectivity (i.e. coordinated function) within/across BS and SC regions during the expectation of pain, and that connectivity in specific components of these networks varied with individual pain sensitivity. Comparing these results to resting-state fluctuations revealed commonalities in coordination between BS and SC regions, and specific BS-BS connectivity fluctuations unique to the expectation of pain. Based on the regions involved, these results provide evidence of brainstem regulation specific to the expectation of pain.