Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Hispanic Studies – General (Arts) – Bachelor of Arts

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Subject:  Administered by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
Plan:  Consists of 30.0 units as described below.
Program:  The Plan, with sufficient electives to total 90.0 units, will lead to a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

1. Core
A. Complete the following:
SPAN 111Beginning Spanish I3.00
SPAN 112Beginning Spanish II3.00
B. Select 9.00 units from the following:9.00
Español intermedio
and Español avanzado
Spanish Conversation and Culture
C. Select 6.00 units from the following:6.00
Panorama literario latinoaméricano I
Panorama literario latinoaméricano II
Introducción: Literatura de España I
Introducción: Literatura de España II
D. Select 6.00 from the following:6.00
Gramática avanzada y composición I
and Gramática avanzada y composición II
Español para contextos profesionales I
and Español para contextos profesionales II
2. Option
A. Select 3.00 units from the following:3.00
Elective Courses60.00
Total Units90.00

3. Notes

A. The courses chosen must not duplicate work already completed either in university or pre-university study. If a student enters the program with advanced language/grammar knowledge or speaks Spanish at the near-native level, the student is exempted from taking the language and grammar core courses noted in 1.A., 1.B., 1.C. and 1.D. These would be replaced with SPAN options.

B. To register in SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish I or ITLN 111 Beginning Italian I students must sign a form in the Departmental Office officially declaring that they have no knowledge of Spanish or Italian at all. A language placement test may apply.

C. A maximum of 6.0 units from courses offered by other Faculties and Schools may be counted toward the program and/or Plan Requirements. This includes courses in BMED, COMM, GLPH, LAW, NURS and courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Hispanic Studies Course Lists

The following lists contain courses offered through other Departments. In accordance with Academic Regulation 2.5 (Access to Classes), students do not have enrolment priority in all of these courses. Access to these courses may only be made available during the Open Enrolment period, and then only if space permits.


Options in the Hispanic Studies General Plan
LLCU 110Linguistic Diversity and Identity3.00
LLCU 111Introduction to Cultures3.00
LLCU 200Semiotics: Interpreting the World3.00
LLCU 201Introduction to Romance Philology3.00
LLCU 206Rebel Cities3.00
LLCU 244Hips Don't Lie?: Music and Culture in Latin America3.00
LLCU 247The Dynamic History of Spain3.00
LLCU 248Spanish American Cultural Contexts3.00
LLCU 249Latin Lovers: Love, Sex and Popular Culture3.00
LLCU 301Oral Tradition and Innovation in Cultural Transmission3.00
LLCU 354Women's Voices in Latin America3.00
LLCU 358Film and Politics in Argentina3.00