Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Indigenous Studies – Major (Arts) Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

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Subject: Administered by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
Plan: Consists of 60.0 units as described below.
Program: The Plan, with sufficient electives to total 120.0 units, will lead to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree.

1. Core
A. Complete the following:
DEVS 220Introduction to Indigenous Studies3.00
DEVS 221Topics in Indigenous Human Ecology3.00
B. Select 12.00 units from the following:12.00
Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture I
Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture Il
Beginning Inuktitut Language & Culture l
Beginning Inuktitut Language and Culture ll
Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture I
Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture I
Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture II
Beginning Mohawk Language & Culture l
Beginning Mohawk Language & Culture ll
Oral Mowak Language - Beginning I (TMT)
Beginning Mohawk Language and Culture II Tyendinaga
Intermediate Mohawk Language and Culture
Oral Mohawk Language
C. Complete the following:
INDG 302Indigenous Theories and Methodologies: Learning through Indigenous Worldviews3.00
D. Select 3.00 units from the following:3.00
Reindigenizing People and Environment
Field School in Geography
E. Complete the following:
INDG 401In Community Capstone: Research and Relationships6.00
2. Option
A. INDG_Options at the 300-level or above15.00
A. INDG_Options at the 200-level or above15.00
Elective Courses 60.00
Total Units120.00

3. Notes

A. Courses with significant Indigenous content may be approved for inclusion in this degree program with permission of the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

B. A maximum of 6.0 units from courses offered by other Faculties and Schools may be counted toward the program and/or Plan Requirements. This includes courses in BMED, COMM, GLPH, LAW, NURS and courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Indigenous Studies Course List

The following list contains courses offered through several Departments. Students are encouraged to consult course outlines and course descriptions for more information. In accordance with Academic Regulation 2.5 (Access to Classes), students do not have enrolment priority in all of these courses. Access to courses at the 300 and 400 level may only be available to students who are completing a Major Plan in the corresponding discipline.


Options in the Indigenous Studies Major/Medial Plan

ARTH 248Introduction to Indigenous Arts of North America3.00
ARTH 272Latin American Art3.00
ARTH 348Arts of the Artic3.00
ARTH 372Art of Colonial Latin America3.00
ARTH 434Non-Western Art in Western Collections3.00
ARTH 438Studies in Indigenous Arts and Visual Culture of North America3.00
BIOL 319Introduction to Ethnobotany3.00
DEVS 357Global Conflict and Local Peacebuilding3.00
ECON 244Economics of Indigenous Communities3.00
ENGL 218Introduction to Indigenous Literatures in Canada3.00
ENGL 287Unsettling Kingston/Ka'tarokwi3.00
ENGL 389Context North America6.00
ENGL 480Studies in Indigenous Literatures6.00
ENGL 481Topics in Indigenous Literatures I3.00
ENGL 482Topics in Indigenous Literature II3.00
FILM 388Indigenous Film & Media3.00
FREN 350Littératures autochtones comparés en Amérique du Nord3.00
GNDS 212Racism, Colonialism and Resistance3.00
GNDS 340Indigenous Women, Feminism and Resistance3.00
GNDS 432Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Politics3.00
GPHY 309Field School in Geography3.00
GPHY 351Geographies of Indigenous and Settler Relations3.00
HIST 442New World Societies4.50
HIST 455The Spanish Inquisition, 1450-1800: Sexuality, Sin, and Spiritual Beliefs9.00
HIST 461Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, 1492 to the Present4.50
HIST 467First Nations of North America4.50
INDG 301Indigenous Ways of Knowing3.00
INDG 401In Community Capstone: Research and Relationships6.00
LAW 202Aboriginal Law3.00
LLCU 270Contemporary Events and Indigenous Cultural Politics3.00
LLCU 271"Other's" Eyes Viewing Indigenous Peoples3.00
LLCU 301Oral Tradition and Innovation in Cultural Transmission3.00
LLCU 302Unsettling: Indigenous Peoples & Canadian Settler Colonialism3.00
LLCU 370Indigenous Women and Power3.00
LLCU 372Rotinohnsyonni Indigenography: Iroquois Language, Literatures and Culture3.00
POLS 320Indigenous Politics3.00
RELS 227Indigenous Tradition in North America3.00