Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Anatomy and Cell Biology - Master of Science

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Pattern I: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Anatomy and Cell Biology

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Anatomy and Cell Biology consists of a research thesis and course work of which 1.5 of the required 2 credits must be selected from graduate courses that are not combined with undergraduate courses or seminars and are exclusive of a research project and thesis.

Pattern II: Master of Science in Anatomical Sciences (M.Sc. [A.S.])

The Master of Science in Anatomical Sciences is a 16-month intensive program of courses and practicum focused on educating and training students to teach and design anatomical curriculum in health sciences. This program is structured around three basic pillars of post-secondary education: Content, Pedagogical and Inquiry Competence. The students are provided with in-depth courses in the four anatomical disciplines, together with courses on teaching and learning in higher education (one full and seven half advanced courses). The practicum provides the students with hands-on experience in human gross anatomy dissection, techniques in specimen preparation, histology techniques, electronic media, digital imaging technology for anatomical sciences, and classroom (both large and small) and laboratory teaching in undergraduate and graduate courses. The students also complete an independent research study with project topics selected from areas in Anatomy and Cell Biology, Pedagogy in Anatomical Sciences or Instructional Technology. Students are admitted annually on September 1.