Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Anatomy and Cell Biology - Doctor of Philosophy

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This a research degree requiring approximately three years of study and supervised research if subsequent to a Master of Science degree in anatomy or a related discipline, or about 4 years if the student is accepted directly into the Ph.D. program or carries out a `mini-masters`. The number of courses prescribed depends on the student's background in relation to the chosen field of study. The research and thesis will normally take up at least two thirds of the student's full-time study requirements. All doctoral students are required to take a two-part comprehensive examination within the first eighteen months of the program.

Direct Admission to Ph.D.

Candidates with outstanding undergraduate academic record may be admitted directly into the PhD program.

Mini-Master's Defense

A student registered in the M.Sc. program with an excellent academic record and exceptional ability to perform research, may be accelerated into a Ph.D. program upon recommendation of the Anatomy and Cell Biology program and following submission and defense of a 'mini-master's' thesis. This is an abbreviated write-up of the candidate`s research carried out to date as well as a general plan to complete the Ph.D. research. It is recommended that a 'mini-master's' should be considered early in the program for students performing at excellent levels.