Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Biomedical Informatics - Master of Biomedical Informatics

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This is a full time program which will span 12 months total. The program will consist of courses equivalent to 24 credit units (CU) as follows:

  • The four 3-credit unit (3CU) courses from the Graduate Diploma Program (12 CU).
  • BMIF 898 Master's Project. A biomedical informatics project is undertaken under the co-supervision of a QSC faculty and a DBMS faculty member. The presentation of a seminar to describe the project is required.
  • Two additional 3 credit unit (3CU) courses from a list of elective courses presented below (6CU). Students with a predominantly computing background may take at most one CISC-based elective. Students with a predominantly biomedical background may take at most one BMED-based elective.

Elective courses for the Professional Master’s of Biomedical Informatics (all courses are 3CU):

  • CISC 832  Database Management Systems            
  • CISC 859  Pattern Recognition (A)
  • CISC 873  Data Mining (A)            
  • CISC 881  Topics in Biomedical Computing I
  • CISC 886  Cloud Computing
  • BMED 809  Principles of Drug Discovery and Development
  • BMED 810  Protein Structure and Function          

Note: With the approval of the Director (who will consult with both departments), MBI students may be able to choose from a number of additional graduate offerings from DBMS and QSC, subject to the maximums specified.